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Lugros - Puente de las Herrerías - Barranco del Río Alhama - Lugros 





Map for the route (ED50)


GPS waypoints for download (WGS84, gpx)

How to get there: Drive on the SE-25 to the southwestern side of Lugros where you find the exit sign. The sign has a picture of a wolf and a text Go With God (Vaya con Dios) (1235 m). (Roadmap)

Distance: 2h28min/7.5km

Descend along the road to the bridge of Herrerias where you find an information panel (10min) (1200 m) and a path starting next to it. Take this path uphill.

By a wooden pole fork right (17min) (1240 m). The path carries you to the water canal (26min) (1290 m), crosses a bridge (30min) (1295 m) and immediately after that a stream before encountering another bridge (32min) where it bends right and crosses one more bridge (38min) (1295 m).

After the bridge, you part company with the canal for a while. Later on you have three choices. You can walk by the canal, on the paths that run along the slope or on a narrow sand road some twenty meters higher up. All three routes follow the gorge of the Alhama river.

If you follow the canal, it will ascend to the sand road (1h08min) (1310 m). Turn left and soon you encounter signposts (1h12min) (1300 m). Follow the sign "Canada Real de los Potros" straight ahead.

The road leads you along the gorge. When you find a wooden pole on the left hand side of the road, take the path that starts following the water canal again, this time on the other side of the gorge (1h20min) (1330 m) towards Lugros.

The path crosses a track (1h35min) (1310 m) and then a bridge (1h39min) (1310 m). When you find a bridge on the right hand side of the canal (1h43min) (1310 m), do not cross it, but stay by the canal. Ignore also a track that branches off right (1h47min) (1305 m), and keep following the canal.

The canal takes you to a sand road (2h10min) (1295 m). Turn left. When the road forks (2h20min) (1265 m), go right. You come to the village square (2h25min) (1245 m). Bend left and follow the Calle Herreria back to the exit sign of the village (2h28min).

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