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Trekking to Monte Buciero and other mountains of Santoņa

Santoņa - Monte Buciero - Peņa Ganzo - Valle de los Avellanos - Faro El Caballo - Atalaya - Santoņa





Map for the route (ED50)


GPS waypoints for download (WGS84, gpx)

How to get there: Drive on the CA-141 from Argoņos towards Santoņa until you reach a roundabout close to the kilometer post 38. Left from the roundabout you see information panels on walks. The route begins here. This route is in some parts difficult to follow, and the last part runs along stony and muddy paths, which are rather slippery after rain. (Roadmap)

Distance: 4h56min/11.1km

From the panel "Camino del Salticon" starts a lane with a wooden arrow (5 m) that leads to stone steps. In a minute, an arrow with the text Camino del Salticon guides you to the left. The wide path ascends to a track (17min) (140 m). Turn right.

After some 50 meters you find on your left an information panel on the route "Culminaciones del Buciero". Turn left and then immediately to the right following a green waymark. Ascending along the track, you enjoy a nice view over the Marismas de Santoņa on your right and to the fortress of Mazo behind. In front of you rises the Buciero mountain. You pass a stone cottage and come to a fork (29min) (210 m), where you go uphill to the right. The path runs between bushes to another fork (41min) (295 m). The left branch has a white-yellow tick. Walk 15 meters to the right and branch off left towards the cross which you can see on top of the mountain.

Closer to the top, the path becomes unclear. Stay between the pole on your left and the cross on your right. The climb ends on the left side of the cross. Bend right and walk to the cross (52min) (360 m). From the top of Buciero you look down to Santoņa and the cove of Berria. About 100 meters to the right is the pole on top of the Peņa La Zarceta that offers a more extensive view over the sea and to the mountain of Atalaya.

Continue from the cross on the unclear path along the crest of Buciero to the east, towards Peņa Ganzo. When you come to a fork (1h02min) (350 m), go right. The left branch leads to the top of Ganzo. If you decide to visit Ganzo, be careful that you turn off uphill to the right after five minutes, on a narrow path with a green and a white-yellow waymark. Follow the green waymarks, which guide you to the right while ascending between rock walls. After climbing five minutes you see a concrete pole on your right on top of the Ganzo. From the top you see the Monte Buciero and the Marisma de Santoņa. Visiting Ganzo takes about 20 minutes.

The main route descends from the fork towards the valley of Avellanos. On the way, you cross a grassy clearing with a splendid view to the cove with golden sand and the mountains on the opposite side of the cove. Later the path bends left (1h16min) (270 m). After a gentle ascent, the irksome path takes you down to the valley of Avellanos (1h29min) (210 m), where it continues to the left, first uphill. Lined by rock walls, the path comes to an abandoned mine (1h37min) (200 m) and becomes then much wider. When you reach a junction (1h44min) (195 m), turn left. Also, at the next junction you go left (1h46min) (200 m).

Walking through a forest, you ignore a path with a red waymark branching off left. At the crossroads with signs in four directions (2h04min) (195 m), follow the sign for "Faro del Caballo" downhill to the right. By the sign for "Bateria de San Felipe" you continue straight ahead to stone steps (2h07min) (185 m). The steps are steep, but you can hold on the railing. Soon you see a rock pillar and the blue cove in front of you. When you reach the narrowest part of the cape, the steps are lined by a stone wall. After climbing down 700 steps you end up in the tip of the cape, where you find the lighthouse of Caballo (2h21min) (30 m). For those who want to continue to the sea shore, there are 100 more steps.

Take the steps back up (2h39min) and stop off at the gun position of San Felipe to look down to the lighthouse, before returning to the crossroads (2h47min), where you go right for "Faro del Pescador" and "Faros y Acantilados".

Descending along the path be careful that you fork off left to a path with a green waymark by the sign "Culminaciones del Buciero" (3h01min) (170 m). The muddy path is very steep, but you can take support from limbs of the trees. On top of La Atalya (3h34min) (315 m) you find a round watchtower with outstanding sea views.

Continue straight ahead to a path that starts from the left side of the tower. The path slopes down to a forest and comes to a junction (3h42min) (245 m), where you go right. Keep right also at the next fork (3h48min) (200 m). The muddy path bends later to the left by a pasture (4h03min) (170 m). The wide trail covered with mud and manure takes you through a gate to a track (4h18min) (170 m). Turn left.

At the next junction (4h27min) (90 m) you take left again. Lined by eucalyptus trees the concrete road ascends to a junction (4h37min) (140 m), where you go once again left. Soon you come to the beginning of the familiar path and return to the beginning of the route (4h56min) (5 m).

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