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Walking route to the lighthouses and cliffs of Santoņa

Santoņa - Punta del Fraile - Faro El Caballo - Faro El Pescador - Fuerte del Mazo - Santoņa





Map for the route (ED50)


GPS waypoints for download (WGS84, gpx)

How to get there: Drive on the CA-141 or the CA-241 to Santoņa and continue to the south shore of the town. From the east end of the promenade you find the fortress of San Martín (Fuerte de San Martín). (Roadmap)

Distance: 3h27min/12.4km

Take the steps by the information panels (5 m) to the upper part of the fortress, where you meet a road (2min) (25 m), which you follow uphill to the right. Almost immediately you encounter signs. Keep right for "Fuerte de San Carlos". The road with a sign for "Fuerte del Mazo", pointing to the left, is your return route. You see the cape of Laredo stretching out to the bay of Santoņa.

The road turns into a stony track with blue waymarks (7min) (50 m). You walk through a forest with strawberry trees to the first lookout point (26min) (190 m). The pinnacle of Peņa de Fraile protrudes from a projecting rock hanging above the sea. Across the cove you see a number of mountains.

Ignore the path with a white-red waymark forking off left (38min) (215 m) and continue straight ahead to a crossroads with signposts (43min) (195 m). Follow the "Faro del Caballo" sign down to the right. By a sign pointing right for "Bateria de San Felipe" you keep ahead to sheer stone steps, cut into the rock wall and bordered by a railing (46min) (185 m). Soon you see a pinnacle emerging from the sea and a turquoise blue cove. Once you have reached the narrowest part of the point, a low stonewall borders the steps on both sides. After descending 700 steps, you come to the light house of Caballo (1h) (30 m). There are still 100 steps more, if you want to walk down to the seashore. From the light house you enjoy splendid views to the cliffs and sheer rock walls.

Scramble back up (1h18min) and visit the "Bateria de San Felipe", a nice lookout spot just over the light house, before returning back to the crossroads (1h26min), where you take the wide path to the right for "Faro del Pescador". Ignore all side paths and follow the blue waymarks, which lead you later uphill to a narrower path (1h46min) (100 m).  After a while, the path starts to descend again. The steep stretch ends by the sea spreading out on your right (2h) (85 m). Below you see the light house of Pescador, still in use.

The path comes to the service road of the light house (2h04min) (50 m). Follow this narrow asphalt road to the left. Lined by eucalyptus and oak trees the road bends left and opens up a fine view over the coast and beaches of Berria (2h20min) (110 m). Later you see a cemetery and the impressive penitentiary of Penal del Dueso, established by Napoleon to serve as a fortress. When the road forks (2h32min) (55 m), bear left. The right branch would take you to the "Bateria de la Cueva", which you can visit before you continue on the route.

In the village of Dueso, you fork right downhill (2h33min) (55 m). In a couple of minutes, the sign for "Fuerte del Mazo" guides you to the left (2h35min) (50 m). The beautiful cobbled road, lined by stone walls, ascends to a fork (2h41min) (85 m), where you go right. On your way, fine views open up to the coast and the mountains of La Atalaya, Peņa Ganzo and Buciero. Surrounded by green slopes and tall eucalyptus trees the road leads to a junction (2h53min) (145 m). On your right stands the fortress of Mazo. If you follow the stone wall of Mazo to its end, you can have a nice sea view over the village of Dueso and the Penal del Dueso (2h57min) (155 m), before you continue from the junction for "Fuerte de San Martín".

Descending along the road you ignore the path branching off right and the road branching off left. Further on, you see the cove of Santoņa. At the familiar junction (3h24min) (25 m) you turn right and take the steps down to the promenade by the Fuerte de San Martín (3h27min).

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