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Ruta PRG2
San Xiao - Refugio de Miguel Regueira - San Xiao






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How to get there: Driving on the A-55 take the exit 171 and continue on the PO-340 to Tui. In the street "Calle de Colón", in the north-west corner of the town, you finda sign for "Parque Natural 0,6 km, Centro de Visitantes 4,9 km". Follow this sign to a narrow asphalt road and drive 7.4 km to the plateau of San Xiao, where you see the chapel of San Xiao. (Roadmap)

Distance: 5h20min/20km

Follow the wall around the chapel until you encounter a sign for "PR.G.2, Galiñeiro" (615 m). The route is marked with white-yellow waymarks, but it is difficult to follow.

Follow the sign down the slope, past a recreation area to a fork (7min) (590 m), where you go right. In a minute the track comes to a junction, where you turn left. Right after that you have to follow a waymark to the right, to a path.

Keep on the path until it comes to a sand road (16min) (510 m). Turn left and follow this road, which bends left, without paying attention to a track branching off right (20min) (520 m). A couple of minutes after passing this track, branch off right to a track (22min) (530 m). The track narrows into a path lined by ferns. On your way, you enjoy nice views of the surrounding hills and mountains as well as of the coast.

When you come to a track on the hill of O Estripeiro (28min) (545 m), turn right. Be careful not to miss a track that branches off left, steeply downhill (32min) (540 m). It has a waymark, but to see it is difficult because of ferns. The track descends to a sand road (39min) (495 m). Cross the road and follow a path gently uphill. Soon a white-yellow waymark guides you to the right by a stone pile (43min) (500 m), but this path is stony and difficult to walk. You might as well follow the wide path first to the crest of the Serra de Prado with a nice view of the Monte Aloia and Galiñeiro (48min) (545 m) and then downhill, because the stony path joins it later.

From the crest the path slopes down to an eucalyptus forest. When you come to a track (1h) (495 m), turn left. At this point you can climb up to the rocks to admire the view of Galiñeiro.

Walking on the track you see the village of Bouzas on your left. When the track forks (1h05min) (465 m), go left. After few minutes, you need to be careful that you do not miss a wide path branching off right. Next you branch off left (1h18min) (490 m). You go past a quarry, and continue along a track across an asphalt road to a path (1h31min) (465 m).

At the next fork in Barranquillo (1h38min) (500 m), go right to a track. Later you see a village of on your right. At the following fork (1h50min) (525 m), go downhill to the right. When you come to a junction (2h06min) (570 m), turn left. The track continues uphill.

At the next junction, you encounter all kinds of waymarks (2h10min) (600 m). Ignore the white-yellow cross and turn left along the track. It comes to a sand road, which you follow to the right.

Later the road bends sharply to the right and starts to slope down. Ignore the track to the right (2h21min) (555 m). At the junction (2h23min) (530 m), turn right. Next you turn right again, to a track with a white-yellow waymark (2h28min) (515 m), which ascends to the slope of Galiñeiro and opens up a sea view.

The grassy track leads to the cottage of Miguel Regueira (2h41min) (510 m) with a view of of the Vigo bay.

Return on the same route back to San Xiao (5h20min).

The plateau of San Xiao has several lookout spots, which are worth visiting.

Follow the sign for "Miradoiro" to the right from the signpost "PR.G.2, Galiñeiro". The stone paved walkway leads to the lookout spot of Gonzáles Páramos with a splendid panorama. The sea view encompasses the island of Estelas as well as the archipelagos of Cíes with the islands of San Martiño, Faro and Monteagudo and Sálvora with the islands of Onza, Onsi and Sálvora. The mountain view is dominated by the Serra de Galiñeiro. From the deltas of Rías Baixas you see the Vigo and Pontevedra.

Next you can follow the signpost "Mirador da Cruz", which takes you from the asphalt road to a lookout spot lined by crosses. The view reaches all the way over the Miño river to Portugal.

Before you return to the asphalt road, follow the sign for "Mirador del Castelo" to a curious looking lookout spot from which you see most of the natural park of Monte Aloia.

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