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Monte Aloia
Cabana Cabaciña






Map for the route (ED50)


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How to get there: Driving on the A-55 take the exit 171 and continue on the PO-340 to Tui. In the street "Calle de Colón", in the north-west corner of the town, you find a sign for "Parque Natural 0,6 km, Centro de Visitantes 4,9 km". Follow this sign to a narrow asphalt street and drive 6 km to a parking place by which you encounter on your left an information panel presenting the route "Cabana - Cabaciña (Roadmap)

Distance: 46min/2km

Take the path that starts from the information panel (505 m) and leads to a forest with a great variety of plants. At the junction (6min) (480 m), follow the green pole to the left. Lined by curious looking trees the path ascends to the plain of Cabaciña with a view over the river valley of Miño (13min) (575 m).

The route continues along stone steps to wonderful rocks (19min) (605 m). The views of the plateau San Xiao and the river valley Miño are splendid. Follow the green pole to a junction, where you turn right (22min) (595 m).

The track runs between ferns in a beautiful pine forest. Just before you reach an asphalt road, branch off right (28min) (575 m). The path takes you first close to the asphalt road, but draws away from it almost immediately. Later, by a fountain, you cross another asphalt road to a parking place (35min) (550 m), from which you take the path downhill to the right.

The last part of this charming route follows the brook Udencias in the depression of the Poza de Cabanas. Along the path you encounter a great variety of trees, many of them with name plates. The path leads back to the beginning of the route (46min).

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