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Castro Alto Dos Cubos
Castro Alto Dos Cubos






Map for the route (ED50)


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How to get there: Driving on the A-55 take the exit 171 and continue on the PO-340 to Tui. In the street "Calle de Colón", in the north-west corner of the town, you find a sign for "Parque Natural 0,6 km, Centro de Visitantes 4,9 km". Follow this sign to a narrow asphalt road and drive 3 km to the village of Frinxo, where a round sign signifying a walking route guides you to the right. After less than 200 m you come to an information panel presenting the route "Castro Alto Dos Cubos". (Roadmap)

Distance: 1h08min/4.3km

Take the downhill track which starts from the information panel (250 m). Soon it forks. Follow the yellow pole to the right. Straight after that you branch off left downhill. Lined by ferns the track runs in a handsome pine forest.

When the track forks (12min) (245 m), go left. At the next fork (14min) (245 m), go right. Looking down you see the valley of ... The track bends right and comes to an information panel presenting the route Castro Alto Dos Cubos (18min) (240 m). From the panel starts a track that leads up to the Castro Alto Dos Cubos (23 min) (255 m). In this lovely place you find ruins from 2th century Before Christ. You have also a wonderful view over the valley to Tui.

Return to the information panel (28min) and follow the yellow pole to the right. Ignore a path down to the left (31min) (230 m). When the track forks, go left (35min) (215 m). The track comes to a junction (38min) (200 m), where you turn right. Straight after this, you follow the pole to the left to a path. Looking ahead you see the plateau of San Xiao.

When you come to a track (44min) (165 m), turn left. Later a yellow pole guides you to the right (54min) (165 m). By a water tank, you go left (56min) (175 m). At the next fork (1h06min) (250 m), you go left again and return to the beginning of the route (1h08min).

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