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Muiños de Paredes
Muiños de Paredes






Map for the route (ED50)


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How to get there: Driving on the A-55 take the exit 171 and continue on the PO-340 to Tui. In the street "Calle de Colón", in the north-west corner of the town, you find a sign for "Parque Natural 0,6 km, Centro de Visitantes 4,9 km". Follow this sign to a narrow asphalt street and drive 5 km to information center of the nature park. By the center, you turn right to an even narrower asphalt road, which you follow 2 km until the road bends sharp left by the chapel of San Fins.(Roadmap)

Distance: 2h/7.3km

Walk from the chapel some 100 m ahead along the asphalt road until you see on your left an information panel on the route "Muiños de Paredes" (335 m). From this panel starts a track. Following this track, you branch off right to a path in a minute by the red pole marking this route.

You cross a brook and after that the bridge over the Deique river. Soon the path starts to descend steeply and comes to a junction (15min) (280 m). Take the track to the left. The track leads through a pine forest lined by fern. Here and there you see interesting looking rock formations.

Later the pole number 5 guides you to the right, down to another track (32min) (215 m). After a sharp bend to the right, you follow the pole to the left (42min) (155 m).

When the track ends, cross the river Deique along stones (44min) (145 m). After this difficult crossing, you continue along the path to the left by the pole. However, if you want to visit a fountain on your right, it takes some 8 minutes.

The path crosses a san road (48min) (125 m) and descends to a river, to the first mill (Muiño da Marta) (51min) (110 m). Continue along the path by the river past the mill on the opposite side to the mill of of Carulo (58min) (95 m). Behind the mill you encounter beautiful ponds. The route continues by the river. You go by one more mill, before you reach the recreation area of Paredes (1h05min) (75 m), with a fountain, pond, mill and a bridge.

Cross the bridge to a sand road. Turn left and continue along this sand road until you come to an asphalt road (1h25min) (125 m). Turn left and return past a fountain to the beginning of the route where is another fountain (2h).

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