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Muiños de Tripes
Muiños de Tripes






Map for the route (ED50)


GPS waypoints for download (WGS84, gpx)

How to get there: Driving on the A-55 take the exit 171 and continue on the PO-340 to Tui. In the street "Calle de Colón", in the north-west corner of the town, you finda sign for "Parque Natural 0,6 km, Centro de Visitantes 4,9 km". Follow this sign to a narrow asphalt road and drive 2.5 km to a junction, where you turn left. Continue 1 km to the recreation area of Circos with a fountain on your right. (Roadmap)

Distance: 50min/3km

Take the narrow asphalt road to the right and follow it to a fork (1min) (110 m), where a blue pole marking this route guides you to the left. Soon you reach the river Tripes. From an information panel presenting the route "Muiños de Tripes" starts a path on the right hand side of the river (3min) (95 m).

You cross a bridge and come to the first mill (Muiño do Branco). When you come to a track (8min) (110 m) turn right. Almost immediately, the pole guides you to the left, to a path.

Along the route ,you pass a small village on your right, before you cross a brook and reach the mill of Devesa de Arriba. Again you cross a brook and come to the third mill. The mill route continues along a path over one more brook to the fourth mill (23min) (145 m).

The path ascends to a track (28min) (175 m), which you follow to the right. After crossing a bridge, you walk along a track lined by ferns to a forest with eucalyptus trees and pines. At the junction, you turn right (33min) (185 m).

Just before you come to an asphalt road, branch off right guided by the pole (43min) (145 m). The track turns into a path, which descends to an asphalt road (46min) (125 m). Turn left and return back to the beginning of the route (50min).

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