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Sendero Mulhacén

Hoya de la Mora - Collado de la Carihuela - Collado del Lobo - Mulhacén - Loma del Tanto - Hoya de la Mora 





Map for the route (ED50)


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How to get there: Drive on the A-359 above the Pradollano to the parking place of the "Hoya de la Mora" ski centre where you find the road closed to the traffic. (Roadmap)

Distance: 9h45min/31km

Ascend from the parking place (2515 m) along a path which cuts the curves of the upward winding road. You pass the triangle formed statute of the "Virgen de la Nieve". When the path ends (1h30min) (3120 m) turn right on the road. You see the Laguna of Yeguas on your right. At the fork (1h50min) (3205 m)go right. The left fork ascends to the top of Veleta. At the next fork (1h58min) (3200 m), keep left. Almost immediately after taking this track you see the cottage of Carihuela on your left.

The track snakes its way through a stony terrain opening views to gorges and lagunas. First you pass the Laguna of Vasares and later the Lagunas of Río Seco. On your way you probably meet half-tame ibis.

Branch off left on a path waymarked by two stone piles (3h) (3080 m). When you reach the crest (3h12min) (3165 m), bend left. Follow the crest about 40 meters and descend on a path leading downhill to the right. Below you see the laguna of Caldera. The narrow path takes you to the cottage of Caldera (3h40min) (3065 m). In front you see a steep path along the slope of Mulhacen. Walk on a track to the beginning of the path (3h50min) (3050 m). The path leads to the top of Mulhacen (4h40min) (3479 m), where you probably meet a number of proud hikers.

From the top you have a great view over the Lagunas of Caldera und Caldereta in the west. The gorge of Valdecasillas and the Laguna Mosca are in the north. In the northwest rises Alcazaba and the eastern crest of Sierra Nevada behind it. In the sourthwest you discern the largest laguna, called Hondera, in the Valley of Seven Lagunas.

From the top continue on the path that follows the crest to its other end, where you find another concrete pole (4h57min) (3362 m). From the left side of the pole starts a descending path waymarked with piles of stones. Later you see a track below. When the path forks (5h40min) (2980 m), go right and descend along the gentle slope towards the track. Once you reach the track (5h50min) (2860 m), turn right. You pass the cottage of Caldera (6h35min) and continue along the track straight forward. Later you discern the cottage of Poqueira in the valley on your left (6h58min) (3075 m). You go by the path that led to the crest (7h15min) and return along the familiar route back to the ski center (9h45min).

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