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Centro de Visitantes NarvŠez

Centro de Visitantes NarvŠez - Cortijo de Casimiro - Centro de Visitantes NarvŠez





Map for the route (ED50)


GPS waypoints for download (WGS84, gpx)


How to get there: Driving on the A-92N take the exit number 324 towards "Parque Natural Sierra de Baza", and turn right following the sign for "Centro de Visitantes NarvŠez". After some 700 meters bend left according to the signpost. Drive some 5.4 km further to the tourist center. You find parking place in front of the building "Aula de la Naturaleza". (Roadmap)

Distance: 45min/2.7km

Walk to a sand road that runs on the left hand side of the "Aula de la Naturaleza", and follow this road to the left (1360 m). In less than a minute you find a path that forks off right. The path takes you first to a bridge (4min) (1360 m) and ascends then on an asphalt road (7min) (1365 m). Turn right, walk some 30 meters, and go right on a track. Keep left, when you reach a fork (12min) (1350 m), and keep straight ahead in the crossroads (15min) (1365 m). Cross an asphalt road (16min) (1380 m) to a track, and follow it to the left. 

The track ascends to a hill (28min) (1420 m), crosses a gorge (31min), and continues gently uphill. Do not take a path that runs below the track. The valley opens up in front of you. When you reach a sign  "Fuente del Olvido", fork off left on a path (37min) (1420 m). The path crosses a road (43min) (1370 m) and takes you back to the tourist center (45min).

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