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How to get there: Turn from the CN-332 on a road signposted to the Calpe railway station (ferrocarril). Drive 3 kilometers uphill to a camping site (Zona de Acampada) following the signs "Monte Olta - Zona de Acampada". (Roadmap of Marina Alta)

Distance: 11km/3h40min

You find the circuit track of Olta above the campsite parking area (235m). Start following the track clockwise to the south. Ignore the tracks that fork to the right. Soon you have a nice sea view with Calpe and Ifach monolite, towering to 332m, on the left.

When you reach a building and a sign to the top of Olta (Cim de Olta) (10min) (330 m), turn right. Some 400 meters further on, the path meets another track (15min) (365 m). Turn left.

On the right side of the track you find signs to the top of Olta (Cim de Olta) and to "La Mola" (20min). The steep and stony path climbing to the north is waymarked by yellow-red stripes. The top of Olta (40min) (490 m) has two summits. If you continue the path straight ahead, you come to the northern summit.

However, visit first the southern summit by taking the path to the left. Obliquely forward you see the Bernia mountain. The summit (55min) (536 m) offers a nice picnic spot and a panoramic view over the coast including a number of mountains. Besides Bernia you can see Puig Campana, Helada, Toix, Ifach monolite and Montgo.

The path to the northern summit is easy to follow, if you keep heading to the ruins that you can see from the southern summit. By the ruins (1h20min) (515 m), the path forks. Do not turn left, but keep going ahead uphill. There is a nesting box at the highest point (1h40min) (587 m), although it looks like a cross from a distance. You can admire the coast line all the way from Ifach to the Cape of Moraira.

Return to the ruins (1h55min) and now take the path to the right, to the south from the ruins. The path starts descending on the right hand side of the "Barranc de la Mola", but then crosses to the opposite side (2h10min). The path draws away from the barranc that turns to west, and almost immediately you find ruins (2h20min) (385 m). Yellow arrows guide you to the west from the ruins. The path climbs down to the Olta circuit (2h25min) (320 m). Turn right. to "La Canal".

By the next signpost (2h35 min), go ahead. Do not turn to the left to "Camp de Tir".

When you come to a large, solitary pine tree and ruins of a building on your left, the track forks (2h45min) (320 m). In the front, you see a rock called finger of Olta (El Dit d'Olta). Turn uphill to the right. When the track forks the first time, keep left. Pass the ruins of a building (2h55min) (370 m). When the track forks the second time, keep left again.

When the track meets another track (3h05min), turn right, and follow the signs to "La Canal".

After walking some 350 meters uphill, you reach a small clearing with ruins of a building. (3h10min) (395 m). The track bends to the left, and turns into a path that starts descending - first gently, but then very steeply - to another track. On your way, ignore all paths that fork to the right.

When the path meets a track (3h25min) (315 m), turn right. Ignore all paths, until you reach a sign to the "Zona d'Acampada" (3h30min). By this sign, turn to the path on your right. The path descends to a track, which joins the circuit track. Turn left, and return to the parking place (3h40min).

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