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Sierra del Carrascal de Parcent

Mirador (CV-715) - Sierra del Carrascal de Parcent - Cumbre Carrascal - Tossal de Polupi - Mallada Plana - Cueva de la Coloma - Fuente de la Foia - Parcent - Mirador (CV-715)





Map for the route (ED50)


GPS waypoints for download (WGS84, gpx)

How to get there: Drive in Parcent to the junction of CV-720 and CV-715. Continue on the CV-715 towards Tarbena about 6.4 kilometers until you reach a lookout spot on the left hand side of the road. (Roadmap of Marina Alta)

Distance: 4h30min/14,5km

Before setting out, check the views that open from the lookout point. The Valley of Pop stretches out from east to west. In its eastern part rests the town of Jalon/Xalo. Behind this valley rises the reddish mountain of Montgo. In the western part of the valley you recognise the town of Parcent and the saddle like mountain top of Cavall Verd behind it. In the north you look over the Sierra de Segaria to the sea.

Start out by crossing the CV-715 (600 m) to a path with waymarks of the colors red-yellow-white. The path climbs to a sand road by the Berg Cafe Coll de Rates (3min) (630 m). Turn right towards the top of Sierra del Carrascal de Parcent. Soon the road turns into a concrete walkway (10min) (640 m). You have a view to the mountains and over the coast. Most prominent peaks are Ferrer, Bernia, Ponoch, Puig Campana, Aixorta, Aitana, and Montgo. Lined by pine trees the walkway snakes upwards revealing the tower blocks of Benidorm.

When you see the antenne in front of you, the concrete walkway ends (35min) (865 m). The sand road curves left by the antenne (39min) (895 m), and opens an outlook also to the western mountains - Monduber, Safor, Cavall Vert etc. - and northwestern coast. Down in the valley is Parcent.

Soon after the antennas the road turns into a concrete walkway, which ascends to a wooden cottage with more antenne (45min) (930 m). From here the route continues along a path signposted to "Cumbre Carrascal" and furnished with the red-yellow-white waymarks. The path forks immediately. Keep right uphill. When you meet a small cabin and antenne (50min) (980 m), fork right, up to the crest of the mountain. You stay on the right path, if you follow the waymarks.

From the highest point (1h03min) (990 m) the path descends to a grassy plain, where you might encounter sheep and goats (1h16min) (970 m). The path becomes less clear, but if you keep right and follow the waymarks, you will stay on the route.

The path keeps ascending gently to the Tossal de Polupi (980 m) and then descends through the plain of Mallada to a fork (1h36min) (905 m), where you turn right following now the white-yellow waymarks. On your left rise the northern slopes of Cordilleras. Down in the valley you see the town of Benichembla and  Cavall Verd

When the path descends to the next fork (1h50min) (835 m), go right. Immediately after that you meet another fork, where you take the path to the left, downhill to the east. Also at the following fork, you continue left downhill towards Parcent (1h55min) (820 m). Soon you discern the Berg Cafe Coll de Rates in the distance.

Little by little the path curves to the south, and comes to a wooden signpost pointing left to the cave of Coloma (Cova de la Coloma) (2h20min) (680 m). The cave is some 30 meters downhill from the signpost (670 m). After visiting the cave return to the signpost and continue on the path, which ends at the Foia fountain (Font de la Foia) (2h40min) (520 m). From here take the sand road.

If you want to return to the lookout spot straight away, follow the sand road to the CV-715, and turn right. It takes about 30 minutes from the fountain to the lookout spot.

The route however continues along a path, which forks left downhill from the sand road and is furnished with the white-yellow waymarks (2h44min) (505 m). You come to the beginning of a concrete road (2h58min) (370 m), which crosses an asphalt road and continues as a sand road (3h10min) (300 m). Ignore all roads that fork right until the road seems to end by a house and you see a path with a red arrow pointing to the left (3h17min) (285 m). Take this path which soon returns to the road.

When you reach the CV-720 (3h33min) (270 m), turn right on it. Soon you see a wooden signpost and a narrow asphalt road on your right (3h35min). Start walking on this road which later turns into a sand road. When the road forks, go left following the sign (3h47min) (300 m), but do not follow this road when it curves left almost immediately after the fork. Instead, take the track, which ascends straight up.

Soon the track peters out into a path (3h51min) (320 m), which stays close to the electricity line almost all the way to the CV-715. When the path forks, go right (4h25min) (540 m). Soon after the fork, you reach the lookout spot (4h30min).

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