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Walking route Cova del Demo
Doiras - Froseira - Monte Froseira - Pico del Cuco - Cova del Demo - Froseira - Embalse de Doiras - Doiras






Map for the route (ED50)


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How to get there: Drive on the AS-12 to Doiras, between the kilometre posts 31 and 32. From the road you see an information panel presenting the route "Ruta Froseira y Cova del Demo" at the end of a short concrete ramp. There is very little parking space by the panel. (Roadmap)

Distance: 5h35min/17,9km

Walk from the parking place (205 m) to the south. At the fork (2min) (210 m), follow a white-yellow waymark on the house wall to the left. The route runs first parallel to the AS-12, a little bit above it, on an alley between the houses. By a transforming station, a waymark guides you to the right to a path (6min) (210 m). At this point, be careful to take the path, not the track, which leads uphill. Looking left you see the river Navia and the reservoir of Doiras.

The path descends gently to a narrow asphalt road (12 min) (190 m). Turn right. Walking through a lovely forest you enjoy a view of the Pico del Cuco raising above the slopes covered with forest.

Looking down you see a small plain. At the other end of the plain, the road bends left to the opposite side of the plain (28min) (200 m) adorned with the river Urubio and the stone cottages of Froseira. When the road forks (37mi) (180 m), follow the sign for "Cova del Demo" to the right.

The track goes by Froseira to another fork (44min) (160 m). Again you follow the sign for "Cova del Demo" to the right. After crossing a brook, you come to the next fork (52min) (155 m). This time you go left.

You cross a bridge over the river Urubio and meet more signpost at a junction (57min) (160 m). Keep right following the signs for "Pico del Cuco, 6 km" and "Cueva del Demo, 8 km". The gently ascending track is nice and easy to walk. Stay on the main track without paying attention to side tracks. On your way, you cross a number of brooks, pass a waterfall and enjoy views of the surrounding valleys.

The track snakes its way to the top of Monte Froseira, a clearing with handsome pines (2h35min) (750 m), opening up a view of the village of Villar de San Pedro. Continue along the track a couple of minutes more to the signpost of "Cueva del Demo" pointing to the right. Looking left you see the Pico del Cuco. Ascend from a stone cottage along a track to the top of Pico del Cuco (2h42min) (765 m) with splendid views of the reservoir of Doiras and to Villar de San Pedro on the slopes of Sierra de Bobia.

Return to the signpost of Cueva del Demo (2h49min) (740 m). From now on the route becomes difficult. If you want to avoid walking along a stony path running partly in a brook climbing on a steep slope, we recommend that you return on the same way back to Doiras.

If you want to continue, follow the sign to a path, which descends to a track (2h55min) (710 m). Turn right and walk some 40 m to branch off left to a path running next to a brook. Looking ahead you can see the reservoir of Doiras. Later the path becomes easier.

When the wide path bends right, be careful that you follow the waymark straight ahead to a narrow pat lined by a stone wall (3h11min) (600 m). When you come to a track (3h16min) (565 m), turn left uphill. Soon you have to branch off right to a downhill path (3h18min) (565 m). The path goes round the gorge to its opposite side (3h25min) (520 m) and starts to descend along a very steep slope. Watch carefully the waymarks. When you meet signposts (3h48min) (395 m), follow the sign for "Cueva del Demo" to the cave, some 10 m from the sign. On the cave walls you see paintings from the stone age.

Return to the signposts and follow the Doiras sign to a path, which remains difficult. After some 5 minutes it becomes easier.

Once back on the track (4h25min) (160 m), turn right and follow the sign for "Froseira" to the right somewhat later (4h33min) (155 m) . When you reach the stone buildings (4h37min) (140 m) turn right over the bridge and follow the waymarks and Doiras-sign through a gate to a track.

When the track forks (4h40min) (155 m), keep left. Soon you follow the waymark to the path on your right (4h43min) (160 m). The path crosses a ridge (4h52min) (165 m) with a nice view. Later you cross another ridge (5h07min) (135 m). Looking left you see the reservoir of Doiras. The path runs first above the reservoir before it descends to the water front and bends left to the AS-12 (5h19min) (140 m). Cross the bridge and return to Doiras (5h35min).

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