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Walking route to the Reservoir of Doiras
Illano - Embalse de Doiras - Lanteiro - Folgueiro - Illano






Map for the route (ED50)


GPS waypoints for download (WGS84, gpx)

How to get there: Drive on the AS-12 to the village of Illano. By the road is a lookout balcony with benches. (Roadmap)

Distance: 4h08min/14.8km

Next to the lookout balcony is another little parking place (395 m). From this parking place parts a concrete road towards the lower part of the village. The road bends right by the sign "Ruta Puente Colgante, PR-AS-113". Soon after this you branch off left to a grassy track with another signpost (3min) (365 m).

The track goes by the waterworks and comes to a junction, where you turn right (11min) (285 m). Soon the first views of the reservoir, the village of Lanteiro and the mountain of Pico Guileira open up. The track narrows into a path, which winds its way to a broad track, on which you go right following the sign for "Lanteiro" (24min) (190 m).

On your way you enjoy nice views over the reservoir of Doiras and its suspension bridge. You cross the brook of Cavaneiro (Arroyo de Cavaneiro) (30min) (135 m) and ascend to a lookout spot with a small stone building. The route goes on to the shore of the reservoir, where you come to a fork (42min) (120 m). Go uphill to the right to the bridge, which opens up a nice view over the Navia river. After crossing the bridge continue along a path which turns into a track. All along the way you have splendid views of the river and Illano.

At the junction (1h10min) (265 m), turn left. The views over the river get better all the time. Later you branch off left (1h13min) (265 m) towards the village of Lanteiro. Before you reach the village you encounter a charming fountain.

After visiting the village (1h33min) (200 m) return back to the other side of the reservoir all the way to the junction where you turned right following the sign for "Lanteiro" This time you continue straight ahead (2h43min) (190 m).

The track leads gently uphill. On your way you cross a few brooks, first the Molino brook (Arroyo del Molino), then the Abodegúa brook (Rego Abodegúa) and after that the Valdevar brook (Rego Valdevar). Looking to the opposite shore of the river you see the village of Lanteiro. When the track forks (3h17min) (300 m), keep left.

The track takes you to the recreation area of Folgueiró (3h40min) (470 m), where you turn left. Once you reach the AS-12 (3h45min) (470 m), turn left again and return to Illano (4h08min).

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