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Fonteta de la Tiaxina - Casa Nepal - Cueva d'Ocaive - Fuente d'Aixa - Barranco de Fondacha - Penyes Blanques - Fonteta de la Tiaxina





Map for the route (ED50)


GPS waypoints for download (WGS84, gpx)

How to get there: Drive on the A-141 from Pedreguer towards Alcalali/Alcanali past the Llosa de Camacho until you see a sign "Casa Nepal" on the left hand side of the road, some 7 kilometres from Pedreguer. Take this narrow asphalt road, and drive some 800 meters uphill until you meet a bridge and a white-yellow waymark. (Roadmap of Marina Alta)

Distance: 4h21min/13.8 km

Continue straight on until you see a sign "Casa Nepal" on your right (3min) (340 m). Turn right on this track. When the track forks (9min) (330 m), go right, and when it joins an asphalt road (17min) (300 m), keep right. The asphalt road peters out into a sand road (22min), and then into a path (27 min) that turns right skirting an olive grove. The path descends to a track (31min) (270 m). Go left, and almost immediately, curve down sharp right.

The first part of the route follows the gorge of Llosa through the terraces of Beniquasi with olive and almond groves, vineyards and stray fruit trees. Looking down you see the village of Llosa de Camacho. On your right the terraces are lined by the rockwalls of Muntanya Grand.

Avoid all side trails until you encounter an almond grove (50min) (260 m). Walk through it. When the grove bends to the right, the grassy trail turns into a path.

When the path forks (1h05min) (205 m), go uphill to the right. At the next fork (1h08min), bear right uphill again. Walk towards the rockwall where you find caves.

The spacious Ocaive cave (Cova d'Ocaive) (1h15min) (265 m) offers a cool picnic place in hot weather. From here, start following the signposting to the Aixa fountain (Font d'Aixa). There is a path to the castle of Ocaive (Castell d'Ocaive) on your left (1h19min) (295 m). If you do not want to take a closer look at it, continue straight on towards Monte Grand.

When the path forks, go down left (1h23min) Pass the sign for "Pouet" on your right (1h30min) (280 m). Five minutes later, you meet the signs pointing to the Ombreta fountain (Font d'Ombreta) and Aixa fountain. Turn uphill to the right to make for Aixa.

After a trying climb, you can draw cold water from an old well (1h52min) (355 m). A little bit further, you find the ruins of a house. Almost immediately a path forks left. Ignore it, and turn right uphill.

When the path forks again, go left (1h58min) (390 m). Walk on the fringes of an olive grove, and keep straight on until you meet a track (2h08min) (370 m). Turn uphill to the right, and, after a couple of meters, keep straight on, do not turn right.

Turn right when you come onto a concrete walkway (2h13min) (340 m). Keep your eyes on the right side of the way, and turn to a path signposted for Font d'Aixa (2h17min) (330 m).

The path starts descending, first gently but then zigzaging steeply down along the slope of Muntanya Grand. When you meet a sand road, go down right (2h44min) (205 m). The road curves left in front of a house and then joins another road (2h47min) (180 m)on which you turn right.

Soon the road ends (2h51min) (190 m), and you see a sign pointing to the path for the castle of Aixa (Castellet d'Aixa).

Let the white-yellow waymarks lead your way along the Barranc de Fondacha. At the first fork, turn left stepping a couple of meters uphill, at the second, turn right. Soon after bending sharply to the right, take a path uphill to the left, and one step further, again to the left (3h03min) (220 m). From now on, the ascent gets steeper. Ignore all forks downhill. You can have a break by the shady walls of the "Penyes Blanques" (3h25min) (450 m), before you continue the climb in the middle of massive boulders. When you reach the top (470 m), turn downhill to the right.

Soon the path starts going gently upwards leading to a small clearing (515 m) (3h45min). Look for a waypoint on the trunk of a big pine tree on your right. 

Take the path down to the left, which is well marked with the white-yellow lines. The descending path leads southwest. Looking south you see the village of Lliber down in the valley. When you emerge in terraces by the slope (3h55min)(440 m), turn right. Do not take the path to the left, which goes to the "Urbanicacion Solana Park".

The path starts to curve to the left and then to the right (4h00min) and stays approximately at the same level. Right after passing ruins on your left, turn uphill to the left (4h05min). Cross the ridge (4h08min)(460 m). Pass electricity wires, and look for a pile of rocks where you turn to a track on your right (4h14min) (440 m). If the weather is clear you look along the gorge of Llosa all the way to the sea. On the right hand side of the gorge rises the Montes de Beniquasi. Walk down to a paved road and return to the starting point (4h21min) (370 m).

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