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Circuit of Penyagolosa





Map for the route (ED50)


How to get there: Drive on the CV-170 to Vistabella. In Vistabella you find a sign for the monastry of Sant Joan de Penyagolosa. Drive some 8 kilometres to the sanctuary where you find a restaurant and accommodation. (Roadmap)

Distance: 4h37min/15km

Take the stone steps which ascend from the yard of the sanctuary (1275 m) and continue uphill until you meet a wide path with a white-yellow waymark and lined by pines (1285 m). Turn right. The path passes a camping area (6min) (1305 m) and comes to a crosspaths (20min) (1405 m). Continue straight ahead.

Further up you walk on stone steps made by nature and have a nice view over the valley behind you. On your right rise the spectacular rockwalls of the Teixera gorge.

When the path forks by a pile of stones (37min) (1470 m), keep right. You enter a shady forest with tall pines and bright green grass.

At the Cambreta fountain (Font de la Cambreta) (45min) (1470 m), bend right, pass the water channel and ascend on a path on your left. Pay attention that you take the ascending path. When you reach the clearing of Cambreta (52min) (1510 m), bend right uphill and climb for a couple of minutes to the top where you meet a sheer drop affording fine mountain views. If you look down, you see a track, which you reach by descending on a path that you find on your right. This path curves left downhill.

Once you are on the track (55min) (1525 m), turn left towards the house which you can see in front of you. Keep on the right hand side of the house. Do not climb all the way to the house. The top of Penyagolosa rises in front of you.

When you meet another track (59min) (1520 m), turn right. At a sharp bend downhill to the right (1h02min) (1505 m), take a path on the left hand side of the track. The path forks immediately. Do not go left uphill, although this path is clearer, but go downhill to the right on a path parallel with the track. The path descends steeply into a gorge (1h19min) (1385 m). Do not cross the gorge, but take the path to the right, along the right hand side of the gorge.

The path descends to a track (1h21min) (1375 m). Turn left. On your right, you soon see magnificent stone walls. Some 30 meters after the gently ascending track bends sharply left (1h25min) (1395 m), take a path that starts from the left hand side of the track.

The most spectacular part of the route starts from here. The peaks of Penyagolosa rise on your left, and on the other side, you enjoy views over the mountains. The shape of the walls of Penyagolosa varies from pointed pillars to flat-topped towers. The path is nice and easy to walk. Here and there it is surrounded by hills covered with juniper bushes.

The path ends in a track (2h45min) (1300 m). Looking down you see Vistabella in fron of you. Turn left. Do not pay any attention to the paths with white-yellow waymarks, but stay on the track.

When you meet an unpaved road (3h50min) (1490 m), turn right. You descend to the road that leads to the monastry (4h35min) (1270 m). Turn left and return to the sanctuary (4h37min).

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