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Sant Joan - Barranco dels Morts - Barranco de Marcén - Roncales - Villahermosa del Río - Sant Joan





Map for the route (ED50)


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How to get there: Drive on the CV-170 to Vistabella. In Vistabella you find a sign for the monastry of Sant Joan de Penyagolosa. Drive some 8 kilometres to the sanctuary where you find a restaurant and accommodation. (Roadmap)

Distance: 7h10min/23km

Take the stone steps (1275 m) that ascend on a lane between the two monastry buildings. From the monastry yard you can see a white-red waymark on the corner of the building. Turn right on the lane which turns into a sand road. A little further you find a sign for Villahermosa. Follow this sign to the left. In a couple of minutes bend right staying on the road. At this bend you see a white-red waymark which, at first glance, seems to guide you on a path, but after bending right on the road, you find another waymark. Immediately after the bend, turn left on another sand road.

Keep on this main road that ascend first through a pine forest and then through a landscape of juniper bushes to the Plana hill, where a waymark guides you to the left on a track (25min) (1375 m). In a couple of minutes you reach another track. Turn left following the waymark.

The track descends in the Gorge of Morts (40min) (1240 m) and comes soon after that to a clearing (44min) (1230 m) which opens up a view over the plains surrounded by hills.

From the clearing the route continues along a path that first bends sharp left. You enjoy fine views down over the narrow river valley lined by sheer rock walls on the opposite side. Further on, you see an idyllic group of old buildings below. Although beautiful, it is not Villahermosa (Beautiful Villa), to which you are heading at, but Mas de Coria. When you reach the buildings (1h30min) (990 m), bend right and follow the waymarks which lead you between the buildings on a path with a sign for "Cascada Río Villa Hermosa" (Waterfall of the Villa Hermosa River) (1h34min) (970 m).

You meet another sign for the "Cascada" (1h44min) (930 m). Fork right and descend along the path to the waterfall (1h50min) (890 m). By the waterfall bend left, walk some 20 meters, and cross the river on a path that climbs uphill on the opposite side. Once you have found the beginning of the path, it is clear and easy to walk. First the path climbs some 30 meters higher up. On your left you see magnificent rockwalls. Then it descends to the Carbo river (2h10min) (830 m). After crossing the river you find the waymarks again.

The route crosses the river a couple of times and comes to a fork (2h20min) (810 m). Keep right. Do not fork left uphill. Some 20 meters after the fork, the path crosses the river.

The path joins a track (2h30min) (805 m). Follow the track and in few minutes take a path that forks to the left. Descend along the path to the sand road of Masia la Posada del Río Carbo (2h43min) (790 m). Keep left and then fork right on an descending path that starts by the Inn of Roncales (2h46min) (775 m). The village of Villahermosa comes into sight suddenly (2h56min) (760 m).

Again you climb down to the waterfront (3h10min) (715 m). Keep on the right hand side of the river until a waymark guides you cross it (3h18min) (705 m). When you reach a road with three forks, choose the fork on your right (3h26min) (695 m), which ascends to the village (3h34min) (735 m).

In Villahermosa you find restaurants and accommodation.

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