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Walking route in the Cantabrian Mountains

Llanáves de la Reina - Valle del Naranco - Refugio de Tajahierro - Collado del Boquerón de Bobias - Valle de Lechada - Llanáves de la Reina





Map for the route (ED50)


GPS waypoints for download (WGS84, gpx)

How to get there: Drive on the N-621 to the village of Llanáves de la Reina located between the kilometer posts 117 and 118. You find a parking place by the fountain.(Roadmap)

Distance: 5h20min/21km

Walk from the fountain some 50 meters towards Puerto San Glorioon along the N-621 to an information panel on the "Parque Regional de Picos de Europa" (1390 m) and cross the bridge over the Naranco brook. On the other side you turn left on a concrete walkway. After passing a mill and an information panel on the route PR-LE-23, you go over the bridge to the N-621. Right away you see an information panel on the route PR-LE-22. From the panel you take the concrete walkway to the right (3min) (1395 m). Soon the walkway turns into a track.

Ignore the track that forks off right (8min) (1420 m). The track leads to the valley of Naranco, lined by the rock walls of Orpinas. where you cross a number of brooks. When you encounter signposts (34min) (1530 m), follow the sign for "Portilla de la Reina" straight ahead. In front rises the crest of Alto de Cubil del Can. Later you ignore a track, which branches off right (41min) (1540 m). After the cottage of Tajahierro (46min) (1560 m) the track bends right and starts to ascend steeply towards the pass of Boquerón de Bobias. Higher up you look over the entire valley of Naranco.

When the track ends (1h16min) (1700 m), take the path that starts from its right side. The path which is well marked with wooden poles takes you to the pass of Boquerón de Bobias (1h53min) (1860 m), where you enjoy a fine mountain panorama. In the northwest rises Coriscau, in the east Morro Pie Varga and Alto de Cubil del Can and in the southeast Mojón de Tres Provincias. The mountain range of Agujas de Cardaño with Pico Cuartas stretches to the west.

From the pass you follow the wooden poles downhill to the track, which you can see further down. Once you reach the track (1h58min) (1825 m), turn right towards Alto de Velasco. Later on you see the gorge of Riasvargas below the mountains of Peñas Matas (2h30min) (1615 m). The track starts to follow the river Lechada flowing in the valley of Lechada on your left.

Ignore the track with a sign for "Barniedo de la Reina" joining in from left (2h55min) (1430 m) and continue straight ahead. You pass the cottage of Pico de la Canal and leave another track to the left without attention. The river runs now close to the track (3h05min) (1340 m). Farther the track is lined by magnificent rock walls. When it bends right parting the river Lechada (3h50min) (1225 m), you start to follow the Naranco river all the way to the N-621 (3h58min) (1220 m). Turn right and walk along the road through the village of Portilla de la Reina (4h11min) (1225 m). The road is lined by rock walls and meadows before it comes to Llanáves de la Reina (5h20min).

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