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Brez - La Mayor - Castro de las Serras - Brez

Brez - La Mayor - Castro de las Cerras - Brez





Map for the route (ED50)


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How to get there: Driving on the CA-185, that runs between Potes and Fuente De, turn between the kilometre poles K7 and K8 on a narrow asphalt road signposted to Brez. Drive 4,3 km to Brez. In front of the village you find a parking place. (Roadmap

Distance: 1h28min/6.5km

Follow the white-yellow waymarks starting from the parking place (740 m), pass a fountain, to the upper part of the village, where you find a sign for "Circuito Brez - Arredondas; Canal de Las Arredondas" (2min) (760 m). The track opens up a fine view over the valley and to the Peña Sagra bordering it. On the background of Brez rises the Cumbres de Avenas. Soon you see the mountains, which line the Canal de Las Arredondas in front of you.

The route continues through a gate (7min) (780 m) to a fork (15min) (785 m), where you go left following the sign for Brez.

Heading towards the peaks of the Sierra Mojones you go through a gate (22min) (830 m) and pass a fountain (34min) (890 m), before the waymark guides you to the left at a fork (37min) (890 m).

Lined by beech trees with beard lichen the track forks again in La Mayor (41min) (910 m). Follow the Brez sign to the left. You keep climbing uphill still a bit further to a small plain (50min) (955 m).

Descending gently along the track you can marvel the valley spreading out on your left, and after crossing the pass of the Peña la Cerras (1h10min) (900 m), the mountains bordering the valley of Camaleño.

When you come to a junction (1h14min) (880 m), follow the Brez sign to the left. The track leads to Brez, pass a chapel to the beginning of the route (1h28min).

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