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Ojedo - Ermita de San Tirso - Cahecho - Ojedo

Ojedo - Ermita de San Tirso - Cahecho - Ojedo





Map for the route (ED50)


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How to get there: Drive to the roundabout on the northeast side of Ojedo, where begins the C-184. From the corner of the restaurant Asador de Lena begins a narrow asphalt road with the sign for "La Narezona, Cahecho, GR-71". The route starts here. (Roadmap)

Distance: 3h/12km

The narrow asphalt road (280 m) leads to the upper part of Ojedo, where it divides in three (7min) (340 m). Take the middle road, which turns into a concrete road almost immediately. You walk through the Casillas (14min) (400 m) - a small group of houses - and continue along a track. From now on, the route has white-red waymarks. When the track bends right (19min) (425 m), be careful, not to take the track to the left. The track is lined by old chestnut trees, the tallest of which, measuring 13 meters round, is called La Narezona.

Follow the main track, ignoring a track that branches off right (34min) (560 m). After passing the cottages of Jilguero, you reach a crest (41min) (675 m) with a nice view over the villages of Ojedo and Potes to the peaks of Picos de Europa. Looking southwest, you see the Peña Prieta and Curavacas. In the north, the valley is bordered by Peña Ventosa. Continue to the right, along the track that stays at the same level, not the track that goes uphill.

The track starts to ascend gently in a pine forest passing a house and then the Ermitage of San Tirso (56min) (755 m). The views to the eastern massif of Picos de Europa, from Cumbre Abenas to Agero are beautiful. Behind the Pass of Camara, you see the higest peak of Cantabria, the Peña Vieja, which belongs to the central massif. The lower slopes of the mountains are dotted with the villages of Cillorigo.

Once you reach the Pass of Taba (1h) (780 m), the track bends right. Ignore the track leading uphill to the right, and keep on the track that goes first gently downhill. You ascend to another pass, where you go straight ahead, without paying attention to tracks branching off to both sides (1h16min) (830 m). Higher up, you see the village of Caheco on your right.

Return from Caheco (1h34min) (860 m) the same way back to the beginning of the route (3h). 

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