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Cucayo - Invernales de Ranes - Collado Sierra Lamoa - Cucayo 

Cucayo - Invernales de Ranes - Collado Sierra Lamoa - Cucayo 






Map for the route (ED50)


GPS waypoints for download (WGS84, gpx)

How to get there: Drive on the N-621 to La Vega, where you turn on the CA-894 signposted to Borago. After 12 km you reach Cucayo, where the road ends. (Roadmap)

Distance: 2h10min/6.1km

Follow the white-yellow waymark (960 m) to an ascending concrete road that starts from the right side of the CA-894. In a couple of minutes the road turns into a track. When you see a sign for "Los molinos de Dobres" on your left (7min) (1010 m), visit the two mills of Dobres by the Frio river. You can go in to both renovated mills.

After returning to the track (12min) you continue uphill to a fork (15min) (1030 m), where you go right. The river Frio flows on your left through the green slopes surrounded by fine rock walls and the Pico Pecines.

You go through a gate (25min) (1135 m), and come to a fork (27min) (1135 m), where you follow the waymark to the left. Sloping down gently the track leads to the Invernales de Ranes, a small group of cottages (30min) (1110 m), and continues to the bridge of the river Frio (40min) (1120 m). After crossing the bridge you ascend to a fork (43min) (1150 m), where the waymark guides you to the left.

You emerge from the beech forest to beautiful meadows and enjoy fantastic views over the valley. After crossing two brooks you come to junction (1h06min) (1275 m), and turn left towards the mountains of Picos de Europa.

Walking downhill along the track, keep an eye on its right hand side, not to miss a grassy track that branches off in the pass of Sierra Lamoa (1h11min) (1250 m). Soon this track bends right by beautiful rock formations. After a sharp bend to the right, you find a narrow path that descends steeply to the left (1h15min) (1215 m).

The difficult part lasts some six minutes. When the path reaches the river Reguejada, it becomes wider and more gentle (1h25min) (1160 m). Soon after you have climbed over a fence, the path leads to the other side of the river (1h29min) (1140 m). Now you follow a wide grassy trail above the Cucayo. The views over the villages to the surrounding slopes are wonderful. The Reguejada rushes down the slope on your left. On your right the route is lined by impressive rock walls.

When you come to a track (1h56min) (1010 m), turn left. You descend to a concrete road (2h01min) (950 m), and turn left again. After crossing the river, keep left at all forks and continue through the village to the beginning of the route (2h10min).

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