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Espinama - Invernales de Igüedrí - Fuente de los Asturianos - Refugio de Áliva - Horcadina de Covarrobres - El Cable - Espinama





Map for the route (ED50)


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How to get there: Drive on the CA-185, connecting Potes and Fuente De, to Espinama. The route starts by the bridge over the river Nevandi, where you find a small square. (Roadmap)

Distance: 3h50min/15km

Walk from the square (880 m) along a narrow asphalt road to the upper part of the village, where you find signs for the walking routes (3min) (890 m). Follow the sign for "El Cable, PR-PNPE-24" to a road, which is open to traffic, but suitable only for 4x4 vehicles.

The road snakes its way in an oak forest revealing the Pico de Valdecoro above the tree tops.

By the cottages of Igüedri (46min) (1290 m) starts an open landscape. Dotted with red-roofed huts the rolling hills with herds of horses make a lovely scene. Now you have views also down to the valley and up to the peaks of the Picos de Europa. On the opposite side of the valley, the highest mountain is Coriscau.

The road ascends above the cottages to the Portillas del Boquejóniin (56min) (1345 m), where you go through two gates. The river Nevandi starts to flow on your left. Bordered by the Cueto Redondo and Cumbres de Avenas, the road goes gently upwards along the pass. You find charming fountains in the grassy field.

You pass a track branching off right with a sign for "Peña Oviedo, PR-PNPE-22", and continue straight ahead (1h06min) (1390 m). When the road forks (1h23min) (1480 m), keep left following the sign for "El Cable, Refugio de Áliva". Looking northeast, you see the Pico Cortés. The Puertos de Aliva continues to the north, dividing the mountain range of Picos de Europa in eastern and central massifs. In the northwest stretches the Sierra de Juan de la Cuadra.

Somewhat later you follow the sign for "PR-PNPE-24" and the white-yellow waymark to the left (1h26min) (1495 m) at the junction, where you can discern the tower of the Ermitage of Santuca on your right.

By the Refugió de Áliva (1h56min) (1670 m) the waymark takes you left between the hotel and restaurant buildings to a track, which you follow to the left. In front of you rise the impressive peaks of Picos de Europa - Peña Olvidada and Peña Vieja.

You pass the white building of Chalet Real (2h12min) (1740 m) and keep climbing uphill to the Pass of Horcadina de Covarrobres (2h37min) (1935 m). Looking ahead you see the Picos de Europa. Soon you can admire the ridge formed by Olvidada, Peña Vieja, Pico de Santa Ana and Torre de los Horcados Rojos behind you.

The track goes left downhill to El Cable (2h53min) (1855 m).

You can take the cable car down to Fuente De, and walk then 3.5 km back to Espinama (3h50min)The other option is to return the same way back to Espinama. There is also a path descending from El Cable to Fuente De, but we consider it dangerous.

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