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Espinama - Pido - El Matu - Las Ilces - Espinama

Espinama - Pido - El Matu - Las Ilces - Espinama





Map for the route (ED50)


GPS waypoints for download (WGS84, gpx)

How to get there: Drive on the CA-185, between Potes and Fuente De, to the west side of Espinama, where you find the sign for "Hostal Puente Deva". The route starts by this sign.(Roadmap)

Distance: 2h40min/10km

Immediately after taking the narrow asphalt road downhill (885 m), you see a sign for "Pido PR-PNPE-26; Las Ilces; Cosgaya". When the road forks, follow the white-red-yellow waymark to the left, down on a concrete lane. After crossing a bridge (4min) (880 m) you continue along a path to the village of Pido located at the foot of the Sopeña Mediana (9min) (920 m). At the first fork, you follow the waymark to the right. At the second fork, the sign for "Las Ilces" guides you to the left to a track, and at the following fork, the waymark points to the right. When the track forks again, you follow the waymark to the left, and straight after that, you branch off right to an ascending track (10min) (970 m), and find soon the waymarks.

When you reach a junction (16min) (1010 m) follow the sign for "Las Ilces" to the left. Lined by beeches and oaks the track snakes its way gently uphill. Ignore all sidetracks.

At the end of the gorge of Arroyo Pielga (50min) (1085 m) you cross the river. The track bends sharp left and starts to slope gently down along the other margin on the gorge. Soon you encounter an information panel presenting the flora and fauna of the region.

You cross a number of swiftly flowing brooks. On your left the valley is bordered by the Pico de Valdecoro, the Peña Olvidada and the Cumbres de Avenas. looking southwest you see the Coriscau.

You come to a fork at the El Matu (1h20min) (970 m), and follow the "Las Ilces" sign to the left, accompanied by the Penalba river. From now on the route is marked with white-yellow waymarks. The track descends to the CA-185 (1h37min) (800 m). On the other side of the road you see a concrete road with a waymark and the "Las Ilces" sign. Take this road and keep left at the forks following the waymarks. On your way you encounter a sign for "Espinama" (1h41min) (830 m) and continue straight ahead. In front of you rises the Peña Remoña and on your left the Coriscau.

Higher up the waymark guides you to the left to a path (2h01min) (980 m). Later the path widens to a narrow track. You keep ascending still for a while along this main track ignoring all side tracks. When the track bends sharp left (2h11min) (1000 m) be careful not to continue straight ahead to another track. The steep and wet track goes through a gate to the CA-185 (2h30min) (870 m). Follow the road back to the west side of Espinama (2h40min).

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