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Lake route of Covadonga

Lago Enol - Lago La Ercina - Las Rebalgas - El Bricial - Vega de Enol - Lago Enol





Map for the route (ED50)


GPS waypoints for download (WGS84, gpx)

How to get there: If possible, do not take this walk in August or September, nor on public holidays, because then the road is open only for public transportation organised between Covadonga and the lakes.

 Driving on the AS-262 to Covadonga, continue from the roundabout to the left along the CO-4. After 11.6 km you reach a fork with a signpost to "Lago Ercina" pointing to the right. Leave your car in one of the nearby parking places. (Roadmap)

Distance: 1h40min/6.2km

Walk from the fork (1090 m) along a paved walkway towards "Lago Ercina", until you encounter a walking route sign for "Lago Ercina PR-PNPE-2" on your right (4min) (1095 m). From this sign, you take the paved walkway and steps upwards to the lookout spot of Entrelagos (10min) (1165 m). On your left, you see the Enol lake, and on your right, the Ercina lake. On their background rise the peaks of Picos de Europa.

The walkway descends to a parking place by the Ercina lake (15min) (1125 m). At the end of the walkway, you find a sign for "Ruta de los Lagos" pointing to the right. Make for the right side of the lake through a grassy field. Once you reach the lake, you encounter a path. At a junction (21min) (1120 m), go left. A couple of minutes later, close to the end of the lake, a white-yellow waymark guides you uphill to the right (23min) (1115 m).

After passing the fountain and cottage of Rebalgas (29min) (1140 m), the path bends right. Views over the plain on your left and to the tops of Picos de Europa are magnificent. Looking ahead you see a number of mountain ranges. From the crest (36min) (1145 m), you descend to the herdsman's hut of Bricial (38min) (1130 m). Continue to the opposite slope, for a white-yellow waymark that you can spot on your left.

Later you follow the waymarks through a small field (44min) (1130 m).

When you encounter a sign, with its back towards you, follow it to the left, towards "Vega de Enol" (47min) (1115 m). The stony path crosses a field surrounded by beech trees (57min) (1125 m), and goes on to the Vega de Enol, along which runs a sand road (1h12min) (1080 m). Turn right.

Walking along the vast grassy plain, the Enol lake soon comes into sight. Follow the road on the left side of the lake, until you meet a sign for "Aparcamiento de Buferrera" (1h27min) (1085 m). Take the path that starts by the sign to the right. You pass a group of cottages, leaving them to your left (1h30min) (1080 m), and come to the CO-4 (1h37min) (1080 m). Walk along the road to the beginning of the route (1h40min).

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