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Lon - Canal de Las Arredondas - Lon





Map for the route (ED50)


GPS waypoints for download (WGS84, gpx)

How to get there: Driving on the CA-185, between Potes and Fuente De, turn between the kilometre posts 5 and 6 on a narrower asphalt road signposted to Lon. After some 1.3 km you reach a fork in the village of Lon, and find a parking place on your left. (Roadmap)

Distance: 2h40min/10km

Take left from the fountain of Posada (510m), over the first bridge, and branch off right uphill on a concrete lane. Continue all the time uphill along this lane till you reach a T-junction (3min) (535 m), where you turn left. Immediately you pass a fountain. Ignore an asphalt road branching off right, but when the concrete road forks (5min) (560 m), go up right.

Keep on the ascending concrete road, which turns into a track after you have passed the uppermost house of the village. In front of you rises the eastern massif of Picos de Europa and the hills of Parbolín. Higher up, you see Lon down in the valley.

When the track forks (38min) (780 m), go left. On your right you find a fountain.

After crossing a fence made of ropes (47min) (855 m) you encounter a cowshed (51min) (870 m), and fork off left over a fence. The track descends gently to a swift brook of Buron (1h) (845 m), which you cross along stones. Soon after that you fork off right uphill.

You encounter one more fence (1h05min) (880 m) and follow a sign for PR-PNPE-27 straight ahead to the signposts (1h08min) (905 m). Take the track to the right towards the "Alto de las Canal de Las Arredondas", but walk along it only less than a 100 meters till you find a narrow path leading to the right (1h12min) (900 m). This path takes you across a brook (1h12min) (900 m), to a small grassy clearing (845 m), which you cross, and descend then to another brook (1h15min) (900 m). After crossing this brook, be careful not to take the path running at the same level, but instead to take the very narrow path climbing left uphill. If you take the wrong path, you return soon to the familiar track.

After some 20 meters the path becomes wider and takes you through an old oak forest up the slope covered with fern. From the forest you emerge on a grassy slope, where the path becomes unclear. Continue uphill towards the rockwall. By a waterfall the path becomes clearer (1h40min) (1010 m) and leads to a grassy clearing (1h45min) (1010 m), where you find a track bending right towards a cottage that you see further down.

When the track lined by old oaks forks (1h56min) (870 m), go left. After a gate (2h) (840 m), the track bends right. Be careful, not to continue from the bend straight ahead through a gate. Keep all the time on the track that leads down, without paying attention to side tracks. After reaching Lon (2h31min) (575 m), go right at the fork and descend to the familiar concrete road, which leads back to the beginning of the route (2h40min).

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