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Trekkin in La Cervatina

Puebla de Lillo - Valle Celorno - Fuente del Obispo - Vega Ternillo - Collado de Ruidosos - La Cervatina - Fombea - Pegaruas - Las Veredas - Puebla de Lillo





Map for the route (ED50)


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How to get there: Drive along the LE-332, LE-333 or the LE-331 to Puebla de Lillo. In the village center you find the square of Plaza Mayor, where you can park your car. (Roadmap)

Distance: 2h50min/14.8km

From Plaza Mayor (1135 m) you cross the road to the street of "Calle Felix R. de Fuente", which leads over a bridge. When the pavement ends you continue along a track (4min) (1130 m) straight ahead to an information panel on the route "PR-LE-28 La Cervatina" on the right hand side of the river (5min) (1130 m). Follow the sign for "La Cervatina" over the bridge to the left. Pastures of the Celorno valley line the track on your right. The entire route is well marked with signposts and white-yellow poles.

At the beginning the Celorno river flows on your right. Later the track starts to run gently uphill in a gorge between the mountains of Celorno and Yanca. After crossing a bridge (13min) (1150 m) the track goes by the recreation area of "Fuente del Obispo" (24min) (1200 m), where you follow the sign for "Vega Ternillo" straight ahead. Ignore all side tracks with white-yellow crosses.

The main track leads to a fork (41min) (1305 m), where the sign for "Monte La Cervatina, 3km" guides you to the left. You wander in a beautiful forest. In autumn, trees with colourful leaves and red berries create a fabulous atmosphere. On your way, you encounter a sign for "Arroyo de Ruidosos" (55min) (1400 m) pointing ahead.

Once you reach a pass (1h01min) (1435 m), a splendid view opens up to border mountains between Asturias and León. From the pass the track slopes gently down to the brook of Ruidosos (1h08min) (1425 m) and further to the pass of Ruidosos (Collado de Ruidosos) (1h18min) (1395 m). Looking ahead you see the mountain of Sierra de Arveyal, Picu de los Torres and La Rapaina.

At the junction in La Cervatina (1h33min) (1385 m), you encounter a sign for "Monte La Cervatina, 0,4 km" pointing to the left. The route continues downhill to the right, but you can walk some 400 meters uphill to the left to a fork, where you find a gate and an information panel on common yew on your right.

Walking from the junction gently downhill along the track you enjoy fine views to the tops of Sierra del Arveyal. At a fork with signposts (1h55min) (1240 m) you keep right following the sign for "Puebla de Lillo". The track takes you through grazing grounds to the fountain of Fombea (2h05min) (1235 m). Later you come upon a sign for "Ermita de Pegaruas" (2h09min) (1230 m). If you do not want to visit the hermitage, some 400 meters away, ignore this sign and continue straight ahead, pass the recreation area of Pegaruas, over the river (2h15min) (1210 m) to a crossroads (2h22min) (1225 m), where you follow the sign for "Puebla de Lillo" straight ahead. From this crossroads you see the Peña Lazara and the valleys of La Tejerina and Las Veredas.

The track turns into an asphalt road, which you follow a couple of minutes until a white-yellow waymark guides you to the right to a track (2h19min) (1205 m). On your right the slopes of Monte La Silva line the route. On your left, the vast pastures of Las Veredas stretch out all the way to the mountains of

Rest of the route is accompanied by the river of Silván Mediavilla. By the outskirts of Puebla de Lillo, you ignore a road to the left over a bridge and follow the wooden poles pass an information panel (2h45min) (1140 m) over a bridge back to Plaza Mayor (2h50min).

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