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Monte Subiedes

Los Llanos - Prau Lera - Brañes - Camaleño - Los Llanos





Map for the route (ED50)


GPS waypoints for download (WGS84, gpx)

How to get there: Drive on the CA-185, between Potes and Fuente De, to Los Llanos. Between the kilometer posts 9 and 10, close to the bus stop, you find a place where you can park. (Roadmap)

Distance: 2t48min/9km

On the other side of the CA-185 (575 m) you can see two tracks. Do not take the track with a sign for Camaleño and Santo Toribio (return route), but take the other one, a grassy track a bit further south, with a white-yellow waymark on a boulder.

Along the route you find white-yellow and white-red waymarks. When you reach another track (7min) (630 m), turn left. Looking southwest, you see a mountain range with the Coriscau as the highest top. Keep on this main track without paying attention to side tracks until the track forks after a gate (21min) (765 m). Continue left on a track that stays at the same level a while.

Lined by oaks and beech trees the track opens up a magnificent view to the Picos de Europa. The ascent becomes gentler and you follow the brook of Avasallo a couple of minutes before you cross it (38min) (845 m). Just before the crossing, ignore the track leading right uphill.

You emerge in the beautiful clearing of Prau Lera surrounded by oaks. The brook flows on your right, but you follow it only a moment, before you cross the grassy field uphill to the left without any path. Climbing up the slope you encounter a track (44min) (900 m) and continue along it upwards. At the top of the hill (54min) (985 m), the track bends right, through a gate, to another track (57min) (1000 m). Turn left.

Lined by grasslands, the track opens up a wonderful view to the eastern massif of Picos de Europa (1005 m), before it starts to slope down. The valley of Camaleño spreads out on your left. The track makes an U-shaped curve to the left to the cowshed of Brañes (1h11min) (910 m) and continues from the front yard steeply downhill. When it forks (1h23min) (775 m), follow the waymark up to the left. After going between some traditional stone buildings you come to a vast meadow (1h36min) with an extensive view over the valley and a number of small villages. Looking behind you see the crest of Monte Subiedes.

You descend through the meadows to the village of Camaleño (2h11min) (415 m), where you go first straight ahead and then to the left on a road that skirts the upper edge of the village passing a couple of fountains before reaching the other end of the village (2h15min) (410 m). You cross the asphalt square and take the track running along the left bank of the river Deva. Between apple trees and old stone wall the track ascends gently bordered by the rock formations of the Cabeza Castillo.

After passing a waterfall on your left (2h43min) (555 m) the track climbs still a little bit higher before it descends to the CA-185 by the signs for Camaleño and Santo Toribio (2h48min).

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