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Trekking on the nearby mountains of Oceño

Oceño - Corrales de Trespando - Trespando - Oceño





Map for the route (ED50)


GPS waypoints for download (WGS84, gpx)

How to get there: Driving on the AS-114 turn on the PA-3 signposted to Oceño close to the kilometer post 37. After 4.2 km you arrive in Oceño. (Roadmap)

Distance: 2h10min/7.8km

At the entrance of the village you find a narrow asphalt road branching off left with a sign for "PR-AS-159 Trescares" (500 m). The road ascends through pastures, and turns into a concrete track. After passing a stable and the cottage of Jaces you come to a fork (40min) (765 m). Go left towards the cottages of the Corales de Trespandiu. Keep left also at the next fork (42min) (760 m).

On top of the hill (52min) (780 m) you enjoy a lovely view to the mountain range of Cuera in front of you. Looking behind you see the Picos of Europa. On your right is the Garganta del Río Rubó.

About 50 meters before the track ends by some cottages, branch off right to a wide grassy path (54min) (780 m). Sloping down gently the path bends left and leads through a small pass to the north side of Trespando (1h01min) (745 m). Down below you see the narrow river valley of Cares and a number of villages including Alles and Trescares. On the other side of the valley rises the Sierra del Cuera. Two lower mountains, Hoyo Paraguas and Pica Peñamellera stand closer to you.

The path gets narrower as it goes round the grassy, in some places steep slope of Trespando. Once you reach a promontory (1h22min) (660 m) views open up to to the valleys divided by the Sierra de Juan Robre.

A somewhat wider path continues along the slope to a crest (1h27min) (665 m), where it bends left. In front of you rise the Picos de Europa with the Naranjo de Bulnes.

Soon the cottages of Jaces turn up. You walk by a stone wall to the cottages, and go through two gates to the familiar concrete road (1h42min) (725 m). Turn right and return to Oceño (2h10min).

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