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Peña Oviedo

Llaves - Peña Oviedo - Pembes - Llaves





Map for the route (ED50)


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How to get there: Driving on the CA-185, which connects Potes to Fuente De, branch off to CA-888 signposted to Pembes and Llaves between the kilometer posts 11 and 12. When the road forks, after 1.4 km, follow the sign for Llaves to the right. One more kilometer, and you come to Llaves. By the first buildings, the road forks. The left branch leads to a house and is closed. Continue to the right, until you find parking place by the road. (Roadmap)

Distance: 3h35min/13.5km

Walk to the upper end of the village following the concrete lanes, all the time left uphill. When the houses end (3min) (865 m), continue along a narrower concrete way still left uphill. In a few minutes the concrete way turns into a track (5min) (890 m). You can see the Peña Oviedo through the trees.

Stay on the main track, ignoring all side tracks. When the main track forks (21min) (1015 m), go left. You ascend through an oak forest to a clearing (30min) (1115 m), where you see the hills of Avenas in front and somewhat later the rockwall of Peña Oviedo on your right. Later the track enters the forest again.

At a junction with signposts (47min) (1290 m), you turn right for Mogrovejo. Soon a spledid view opens up over the valley of Valdebaró to the Cantabrian Mountains with Coriscau as the highest top on your right. Further on, the track reveals the rugged peaks of Picos de Europa on your left. From this point (52min) (1285 m) a grassy trail branches off towards the top of Peña Oviedo on your right. The trail turns into a path (55min) (1290 m), that takes you in a couple of minutes to the top (58min) (1310 m).

Although the views from the track were great, it is definitely worth of climbing to the top of Peña Oviedo. Down below spreads out a vast grassland with grazing herds of cattle and horses. Behind it stretches out the east massif of Picos de Europa. In the east, the valleys of Liébana extend all the way to Peña Sagra. In the south rises the Peña Prieta and in the west El Coriscau on the background of the valley Valdebaró.

Return along the track back to the signposts (1h09min), and continue straight ahead, following the sign for Áliva. From the gently ascending track, you enjoy fine views to the valley on your left, before entering the grasslands, where heards of cows and horses are grazing. The peaks of the eastern massif of Picos de Europa line the right flank of the route. You go through an iron gate (1h30min) (1390 m) still uphill to the top of the hill (1h45min) (1470 m). Ahead rise the central massif of Picos de Europa.

The track slopes down to signposts (1h55min) (1450 m). Follow the sign for Pembes to the left. If you look down by the signposts, you see the red roofed cottages of Igüedri at the foot of Pico de Valdecoró.

The charming track snakes its way downhill revealing Castro de Cogollos, before tall oaks and beech trees start to line it (2h05min) (1325 m). After passing some stone cottages, you enter the cottages of Vado las Aguas (2h33min) (1035 m). Below, you see the rolling pastures. At the other end of the cottages, you go through a gate. Further down, the track turns into a concrete road (2h38min) (1005 m).

Once you reach Pembes (2h51min) (875 m), walk along the main lane downhill. It bends left and comes to the church at the beginning of an asphalt road (2h57min) (840 m). Do not start to follow the asphalt road, but branch off left along the church wall after passing the church. This old, already grassy village road takes you cross the meadows, over a brook to a fork (3h07min) (835 m), where you go left uphill. The track becomes narrower and turns then into a path (3h14min) ((865 m), which goes along the slope between oaks to the top of the hill (3h19min) ((895 m). From the top it bends left and comes to a narrow track (3h23min) ((905 m). Turn right. Soon you encounter an antenna, where the track forks. Go left.

The track slopes down to the familiar wide track (3h28min) ((900 m). Turn right and return to the village entrance (3h35min).

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