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Picos de Mampodre

Redipollos - Hoz de la Cabrera - Collado Maraña - Collado Fermosa - Valle del Bustil de Pepe - Alto de Carrerina Blanca - Robledal de Los Torcedos - Redipollos





Map for the route (ED50)


GPS waypoints for download (WGS84, gpx)

How to get there: Drive on the LE-332, the LE-333 or the LE-331 to Puebla de Lillo. From the south side of the village forks off a narrow asphalt road signposted to "Redipollos". After driving less than 1 km you encounter an information panel on the route " PR-LE-29 Picos de Mampodre". Continue some 400 meters to the village of Redipollos. By the village entrance you pass a cemetery on your left and find a track with a wooden pole that starts from the corner of the cemetery. (Roadmap)

Distance: 4h10min/17km

The track (1145 m) ascends to a hill (3min) (1165 m), where you find a wooden pole with a white-yellow waymark. Descend from the pole along the slope to the left. The path takes you to the information panel that you passed on your way to Redipollos (8min) (1140 m). From now on the route is very well signposted.

From the panel "PR-LE-29 Picos de Mampodre" you take the track to the right. Later the brook of Fuentona starts to follow the track (16min) (1145 m). Looking left you see the Monte de la Yanca. When the track forks (17min) (1150 m), keep right following the sign for "Collado de Fontasouseta". Further on, you ignore the sign for Cofiñal pointing to the left (22min) (1160 m).

Lined by pastures and beautiful trees the track leads through the valley towards rocky slopes dotted with oaks and beech trees. Ignore all side tracks marked with white-yellow crosses. The main track goes over a brook (43min) (1250 m) and ascends through a gate (54min) (1290 m) to a cottage (58min) (1325 m), by which you continue straight ahead towards the Pico las Carvas ignoring the track to the left.

Looking left you see the rock walls of Alto de Sextil. The brook flows first on you right and later on your left. Little by little the track gets narrower and leads through a gate to the cleft of Hoz de la Cabrera, where it ends (1h06min) (1400 m). From now on you follow a path that runs close to the brook, and in some parts along its bed. After negotiating your way through the cleft you follow a wide path to a fork (1h13min) (1435 m), where a wooden pole guides you to the right. On your left the narrow valley is bordered by the mountains of

When you come to a junction (1h28min) (1535 m), follow the pole to the right The path zigzags uphill to a grassy field (1h37min) (1575 m). Make for another pole, which you can see on the other side of the field. Soon after this you branch off left towards the Cueto Juracado (1h40min) (1595 m). At the two following forks, the poles guide you to the left.

At the next fork you find poles in both directions (1h57min) (1690 m). The route continues to the right, but visit first the pass of Maraña on your left (2h01min) (1695 m) to admire the view to Valdeburón. The path to the right takes you to the pass of Fermosa (2h20min) (1750 m), where you enjoy a splendid view over the valley of Bustil de Pepe and to the mountains of Mampodre. Looking down into the valley, you can discern a cottage. Follow the wooden poles down the slope to the left hand side of this cottage. Once you reach the valley, you start to follow a charming grassy track (2h28min) (1650 m). The valley of Bustil de Pepe is bordered by the mountain range of Mampodre.

At the other end of the valley, you pass a stable in the Majada de los Soportales (2h44min) (1595 m). From the fountain of Cardo (2h48min) (1575 m) the track follows a brook and crosses several other brooks together with one bridge (2h56min) (1520 m) before you reach the Alto de Carrerina Blanca (3h08min) (1450 m). On your left, on top of the hill, you see a tower, which you should visit to marvel at the view over the narrow valley with the peaks of Mampodre on the background and over the valley of Porma (3h13min) (1465 m), before you take the wide track downhill to the right.

When you cone to a junction (3h27min) (1340 m), follow the sign for Redipollos to the left. Soon you enter the magnificent oak forest Robledal de Los Torcedos (3h30min) (1315 m), where a wooden pole guides you to the left again. Between the trees you enjoy nice views to the Sierra Pelada. At the next junction (3h34min) (1285 m), you follow the sign for Redipollos to the right. After passing the house of Caserio de la Vega de San Pedro you walk through pastures pass the fountain, "Fuente del Rio" (3h51min) (1180 m). Ignore the track branching off left, but when you reach another fountain (4h01min) (1150 m) turn left to Redipollos (4h06min) (1150 m), which you see on your left. Walk through the village to the beginning of the route (4h10min).

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