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Walk from Poncebos to Bulnes

Poncebos - Canal del Tejo - Bulnes - Poncebos





Map for the route (ED50)


GPS waypoints for download (WGS84, gpx)

How to get there: Drive on the AS-264 to Poncebos, where you find a sign for the "Funicular de Bulnes" between the kilometre posts K6 and K7. At this point the road forks. Keep right and continue less than a kilometer until the asphalt ends. (Roadmap)

Distance: 2h40min/7.3km

From the left side of the road (250 m) begins a path with a sign "Bulnes GR-203". It descends to the bridge of Jaya (2min) (225 m) and goes on to the bridge of Zardo (8min) (260 m). The river Bulnes flows all the way on your right forming lovely pools.

The wide path zigzags along the slope of Canal del Tejo or Texu lined by sheer rockwalls. At the upper end of the canal the ascent becomes less steep (50min) (540 m). You pass the bridge of Colinas on your right (1h) (585 m) and continue along a track gently uphill.

By the station of Bulnes, the track bends right and becomes wider (1h05min) (620 m). You come to the lower part of Bulnes (1h11min) (645 m), where you go right over a bridge, and follow then a sign for "PR-PNPE-19" some 100 meters down to the right. When the lane forks, go right. In other words, do not follow the waymark and sign for "Canal de Camburero" to the left.

The track takes you to the upper part of Bulnes (1h23min) (705 m), where you enjoy a lovely view over the station and lower part of the village. Follow the lane that goes uphill left from the houses. By the last houses, you see a sign for "Poncebos PR-PNPE-18" pointing to a path (1h25min) (720 m). From this point you have an extensive view over the Canal del Tejo.

On your way down, you can admire the rockwall of Amuesa on your left. In front of you rises the Peña de Main.

After crossing the bridge of Colinas (1h44min) (585 m), you turn left and return along the familiar way back to Poncebos (2h40min).

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