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Parque regional Picos de Europa

Puebla de Lillo (Ermita de las Nieves) - Vega del Porma - Valle del Arroyo de la Fuentona - Val de las Casas - Cofiñal - Puebla de Lillo





Map for the route (ED50)


GPS waypoints for download (WGS84, gpx)

How to get there: Drive on the LE-332, the LE-333 or the LE-331 to Puebla de Lillo. From the south side of the village forks off a narrow asphalt road signposted to "Redipollos". Soon after the turn you come to the Ermita de las Nieves next to the cemetery.(Roadmap)

Distance: 2h38min/13.4km

Walk from the backyard of the chapel (1125 m) along the LE-CV-79/3 towards Redipollos over the bridge of Porma, which you can see from the chapel. After crossing the bridge, branch off right to a track (2min) (1125 m). The first part of this route leads through pastures. When the track forks (9min) (1140 m), go right. Also at the next fork (15min) ) (1155 m) you keep right.

You come to a junction in the pass of Fontaouesa (17min) (1150 m), where you turn left following the white-yellow pole of "PR-LE-29". Do not pay attention to the sign for "Cofinal" pointing to the left (22min) (1160 m), but follow the track straight ahead. For the present ignore all side tracks marked with a white-yellow cross.

The gently ascending track opens up views to the slopes of Secadas on your right and later to the southern slopes of the Pico de la Oscura de Redipollos. In front of you rise the Pico del Pinar.

After crossing a small grassy clearing (44min) (1215 m),  the track bends left revealing the western slopes of Pico de la Oscuran de Redipollos.

Walking along the track lined by beautiful trees keep an eye on a track that branches off left through a wooden gate. Also this track has a white-yellow cross, but take it anyhow (54min) (1270 m). Most of the year you find a large pool of water in front of the gate, and have to go round the gate, over a low stone wall. If you miss this fork and continue straight ahead, you reach in 4 minutes a gate. On the other side of this gate is a brook and a sign for "Robledal Los Torcedos".

Lined by the Alto de Sestil, the track leads to a junction (1h10min) (1350 m), where you turn left. Also at the next junction (1h13min) (1360 m) you keep left. In autumn the surrounding slopes are very colourful. After crossing a grassy hillock (1h17min) (1375 m) you descend towards the crest of Las Señadas. Looking right you see the Monte la Canalina with a TV-antenna on top of it.

Later the track bends left and runs along the edge of a grassy field (1h32min) (1320 m). After another bend to the left (1h39min) (1285 m) the track opens up fine views over the valley of Porma. Looking down in the valley you see the village of Cofiñal.

The track takes you to the cemetery of Cofiñal (1h50min) (1210 m). From its lower part branches off left a track. From this gently ascending track you enjoy splendid views over the plain of Porma. On your right rises the Monte de la Yanca. After bending left (2h04min) (1255 m) the track becomes grassy (2h14min) (1235 m) and descends to the already familiar track (2h21min) (1200 m), along which you continue to the right, and return back to the Ermita de las Nieves (2h38min).

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