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Puerto San Glorio

Puerto San Glorio - Portillo del Boquerón - Vega de Tarna - Valle de Naranco - Puerto San Glorio





Map for the route (ED50)


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How to get there: Drive on the N-621 to Puerto San Glorio, where you find a large information panel on the route close to the kilometer post 122. (Roadmap)

Distance: 2h07min/9km

By the panel (1595 m) starts a track that leads gently uphill. When the track forks, follow the waymark "PR-LE-24" to the left. On top of the hill (6min) (1615 m), the waymark guides you to the right, through the grassland of Vega de Tarna.

In the southeast, the plain is bordered by the Peña del Portillo de Las Yeaguas. In the south rises the Boquerón de Tarna. Looking southwest, you see the Pico de la Devesa.

Sloping gently downhill the track enters the gorge of Portillo del Boquerón, where it turns into a path (20min) (1570 m). The brook of Vega de Tarna flows first on your left, but later you cross it. At the other end of the gorge, the path bends left and comes to a track (30min) (1520 m). Follow the sign for "Llánaves de la Reina" to the right.

On the opposite side of the Naranco valley rises the Sierra de Orpiñas. Looking southeast you see the Morro Pie Varga.

Walking acoss the valley you pass a fountain (40min) (1490 m) and continue between the mountains of Orpiñas and Devesa further downhill. Ignore the track joining in from left behind (52min) (1420 m). In front of you rises the Peña Vallines. The village of Llánaves de la Reina turns up. Do not cross the N-621, but follow the waymark "PR-LE-24" to the track that starts from your right by an information panel (57min) (1390 m).

You climb to the top of a hill (1h10min) (1480 m) and continue for a while at the same level, before the waymark guides you to the wooden stairs on your right (1h13min) (1485 m). At the end of the stairs you find a path that bends right to a pine forest. Later the gently ascending path bends sharp left (1h24min) (1530 m). Between the trees you see the mountains bordering the valley of Esteban. The highest peaks are Peña Vallines, El Coriscau, Peña Cascajal ja Peña Llesba.

From the highest point (1h39min) (1640 m) the path keeps going up and down before emerging from the forest to the familiar track in the Puerto San Glorio (2h07min) (1595 m).

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