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Trekking route of River Cares

Poncebos - Desfiladero del Río Cares - Cain - Poncebos





Map for the route (ED50)


GPS waypoints for download (WGS84, gpx)

How to get there: Drive on the AS-264 to Poncebos, where you see between the kilometre posts 6 and 7 a sign "Funicular de Bulnes". At this point the road forks. Keep right, and continue less than a kilometre, until the asphalt road ends. (Roadmap)

Distance: 5h/21km

Walk along the track, until you see on your right a walking route sign "PR-PNPE-3 Ruta del Cares, GR-203 Reconquista" (250 m). At the beginning of the route is a panel warning about falling stones and about missing railings. The path is all along wide, but it runs at the edge of a hundred meters deep canyon. In some places, you encounter boulders, which have fallen down. Do not take this route, when it is raining, nor straight after the rain.

From the sign starts a wide path ascending on the right hand side of the river Cares along the pass of Peyucu. You pass a couple of ruined buildings, which served the workers, who built the Cares canal. On top of the Los Collaos (32min) (520 m), you can discern the ongoing path in the rock wall of the canyon.

The path descends between tall stone pillars to a canal cottage, where you see the first time the canal (58min) (425 m). From now on, the canal follows the route together with the Cares river. You go through three short tunnels (1h09min) (410 m), and pass a waterfall rushing down along the slope of Amuesa on the left side of Cares. In Culiembro, you encounter a couple of cottages, a fountain and nut trees (1h18min) (430 m). A great variety of trees and bushes grow from the rough rock walls.

The canal flows swiftly on your right, before you cross a bridge (1h26min) (440 m), after which you go through a couple of short tunnels and cross another bridge. After one more tunnel (1h32min) (445 m), you see the canal at its widest. The path comes to the sunny slope of Cornión.

By a waterfall you cross the bridge of Bolín (1h44min) (430 m). After the bridge of Los Rebecos (1h49min) (430 m), you enter a tunnel again. After it, you see sharp pointed rock formations on the slopes. By a canal building (1h59min) (430 m), starts a long tunnel, where a torch is helpful. At the other end, you cross a bridge (2h07min) (435 m), and, in a couple of minutes another bridge, before you reach Cain (2h17min) (445 m), located at the foot of Picos de Europa. The rivers Cares and Chicho meet in Cain.

Return the same way back to the beginning of the route (5h).

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