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Trekking route in the Valley of Valdeon in the national park of Picos de Europa

Posada de Valdeón - Río Arriba - Arroyo de Anzo - Río Cares - Puerto de Panderruedas - Mirador de Piedrashitas - Caldevilla de Valdeón - Posada de Valdeón





Map for the route (ED50)


GPS waypoints for download (WGS84, gpx)

How to get there: Drive on the LE-243 or the CV 80/10 to Posada de Valdeón. Driving through the village you see a sign for "Oficinas e Información". The route starts by this sign. (Roadmap)

Distance: 6h/24km

From the sign (925 m) starts a narrow asphalt road that leads to the information centre (2min) (945 m). Bend left from the corner of the building to a track signposted to "Puerto de Panderruedas, PR-PNPE 11". The track ascends in a dense oak forest to a fork (27min) (1105 m), where a white-yellow waymark guides you to the right. Higher up, the beech trees, maples and birches join the oaks. The mountain landscape is dominated by the west massif of Picos de Europa.

When you come to a crossroads (49min) (1255 m), follow the waymark to the right. Soon you enjoy a nice view to the peak of Juleñes. After passing a fountain (51min) (1215 m) you encounter a sign for "Caldevilla" pointing to the right. The route continues straight ahead, but if you want to return already now to the Posada de Valdeón, take the Caldevilla track. Walking ahead you cross the river Arriba (52min) (1220 m). Also at the next crossroads, you continue straight ahead (1h08min) (1245 m).

Staying almost at the same altitude the track takes you cross the creek of Anzo (1h13min) (1225 m), and over several smaller brooks thereafter. Then it starts ascending again, to a hillock (1h26min) (1285 m), with views to the Macizo Central of the Picos de Europa. You go through a gate (1h38min) (1285 m), and fork off right. Keep all the time on the track without paying attention to a path branching off right (1h47min) (1280 m).

When you reach a fork with signposts (1h57min) (1240 m), keep left. Later on you will come back to this fork, and follow then tye sign for "Porciles". From this point you can see the Monte Camborisco.

The track starts to climb steeper uphill. Later you encounter a sign for "Collado de Panderrueda" (2h20min) (1350 m) and follow it straight ahead, leaving the branch to the left unnoticed. Soon after crossing a bridge over the river Cares (2h33min) (1350 m), you can admire the peaks of the Macizo Central and the gently sloping Sierra de Cebolleda.

Once you reach the pass of Panderruedas (3h) (1460 m), cross the road LE-244 to the green sign for the "Mirador de Piedrashitas", that you can see on the other side. By the sign starts an uphill track. Higher up, you bear right and continue along a path to the lookout point (3h07min) (1510 m). The valley of Valdeón with its villages spreads out below you. It is surrounde by the grey, jagged peaks of the Picos de Europa - the Peña Parda and the Torre Bermeja crowning the Macizo Occidental, the Torre de Friero and Torres de Salinas erecting from the Macizo Central - and the mountain ranges of Sierra de Cebolleda and Sierra de Gabanceda.

Return on the same route to the fork with the sign for Porciles (4h) (1240 m) and follow the sign left downhill. By the cottages of Porciles, you com close to the road LE-244 (4h11min) (1185 m). Do not go to the road, but take the grassy track uphill. When you meet another track (4h18min) (1220 m), go left. Further down the trees give way to a magnificent mountain landscape. The villages of Caldevilla de Valdeónin, Soto de Valdeónin and Posada de Valdeónin are surrounde by the peaks of the Macizo Central and the Macizo Occidental.

Again the track descends to the road LE-244 (4h50min) (1110 m). This time you cross it to a track, which leads over a bridge (4h55min) (1075 m), and comes to a fork (4h57min) (1070 m), where you go left. After crossing one more bridge (5h03min) (1025 m), you reach the village of Caldevilla de Valdeón (5h11min) (1000 m). Follow the narrow asphalt road that takes you downhill through the village. Lined by beautiful stone houses and wooden cottages, the road leads over a bridge. On the other side of the river you bend right and meet the sign for "Posada de Valdeón" (5h21min) (985 m).

The charming road enters the village of Soto de Valdeón (5h26min) (965 m). Walk through this village and continue towards the Posada de Valdeón. Rest of the route goes along a track lined by tall trees. When you reach the road (5h47min) (925 m), turn left to the beginning of the road with the signpost to "Oficinas e Información" (6h).

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