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Trekking from Valdeon to Cain

Posada de Valdeón - Mirador del Tombo - Ermita de Corona - Cain - Posada de Valdeón





Map for the route (ED50)


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How to get there: Drive on the LE-243 or the CV 80/10 to the village of Posada de Valdeón. You find parking place in the square with roads to four different directions. Walk some 50 meters from the square to the west. Opposite to the sign for "Oficinas e Informacion", you find the sign for "Ruta de Cares, PR-PNPE-3" on a house wall. (Roadmap)

Distance: 4h20min/16.6km

This popular route is not our favourite. In some places it runs along a narrow asphalt road, connecting Posada de Valdeón and Cain, which has a lot of traffic, especially in August.

Starting from the signpost (925 m), follow the street through the village, but when you come to a fork, where the white-yellow waymark would take you left, go right instead (3min) (915 m). Later you branch off left, to the street of Travesia del Cementerio (9min) (910 m). Soon after a bridge over the Cares river (13min) (905 m), you ignore a road branching off left, and fork straight after that to the right to a track (16min) (905 m).

The track ascends gently on the left side of the reservoir of Posada to a fork (24min) (910 m), where you go right. Soon you see the village of Cordinanes de Valdeón and the central massif of the Picos de Europa in front of you. The track descends to the road connecting Posada de Valdeón and Cain (40min) (845 m). Follow the sign for Cain to the left. You come to the lookout spot of Tombo (44min) (825 m), where you find a deer statue and a cross. From the lookout spot starts a track, which crosses the road to Cain later on (49min) (780 m). On your right rise the peaks of the Picos de Europa.

Keep left at the next fork (1h02min) (690 m). The path slopes gently down to a track (1h04min) (685 m), which you follow to the left. Again you come to the Cain road (1h09min) (690 m). Turn right. You pass the fountain of Teja Oscuro and cotinue downhill, until a track branches off right (1h19min) (640m). Take this track. After crossing a bridge (1h24min) (630 m) you follow the sign for "Ermita de Corona" straight ahead. Soon you cross a brook, and keep going downhill to the Ermitage of Corona (1h26min) (625 m).

From now on you pass a number of stone cottages lining the narrowing track which later turns into a path. After entering a forest, be careful not to miss the bridge over the Cares river on the left hand side of the path (1h45min) (560 m). After crossing it, you are in Santijan (1h45min) (560 m). Turn right and walk towards Cain along the road. You pass the signpost of Monte de Corona, cross a bridge, pass a fountain and cross another bridge before you reach Cain (2h12min). Return on the same way back to Posada de Valdeón (4h20min).

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