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Sotres - Refugio Ándara - Vao de los Lobos - Vega del Tronco - Sotres

Sotres - Refugio Ándara - Vao de los Lobos - Vega del Tronco - Sotres





Map for the route (ED50)


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How to get there: Drive on the AS-264 to Poncebos, where you find a sign for the "Funicular de Bulnes" between the kilometer posts K6 and K7. At this point the road forks. Continue uphill on the CA-1 signposted to Tresviso. After 11 km, the CA-1 ends in Sotres. Drive straight through the village, and then some 3 km on a narrow asphalt road, until you find a large parking area with information panels and signs for walking routes on your right. (Roadmap)

Distance: 3h30min/16km

Start out from the parking place (1300 m) by taking an uphill track with a sign for "Ruta de Ándara", which tells you that it takes 1 hour to Refugio Andara and 3 hours to Vao de los Lobos".

The track with white-yellow waymarks snakes its way uphill between mountain ranges, opening up fine views to the central massif of Picos de Europa, Pico Macondiú, Sierra Cocón and later to Picos del Jierro. On your way, you pass the herdman's huts of Jazuca.

Later you follow the margin of the Canal de las Vacas to the cottage of Ándara (50min) (1715 m), which serves food and drinks. Continue from the cottage along the other side of the gorge following the sign for "PR-PNPE-28" and the waymarks. Walking gently downhill on this beautiful track you can marvel the mountain views. Further down you see Tresviso and the herdman's huts of Cerezal on the opposite side of the gorge.

When the track forks by a small lookout balcony (1h10min) (1640 m), keep left following the sign for "PR-PNPE-28". You stroll downhill through a handsome beech forest to the "Vao de los Lobos" (2h05min) (1135 m). In this charming place you find a fountain.

From the Vao de los Lobos, you bend sharp left on a track signposted to "Hoya del Tejo". Be careful not to take the uphill track for "Bejes". Still in the beech forest, the track descends almost unnoticed. Ignore a track branching off right to the herdman's huts of Cerezal (2h18min) (1105 m). After climbing gently somewhat higher, the track stays almost at the same level. Between the trees you enjoy lovely views to the mountains and green slopes. Later the track passes the herdman's huts of Cerezal.

Do not pay attention to the grassy track branching off left (2h46min) (1130 m). Walking towards the mountains of you encounter a sign for "Haydo de Valdediezma" and leave another track to the left unnoticed (2h56min) (1140 m).

After crossing the beautiful, grassy plain of Tronco, the track starts to zigzag uphill along the slope of (3h) and comes back to the parking place (3h30min).

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