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Trekking route to the Vega de Llos

Posada de Valdeón - Majada de Argolla - Collado de Bustiello - Vega de Llos - Soto de Valdeón -  Posada de Valdeón





Map for the route (ED50)


GPS waypoints for download (WGS84, gpx)

How to get there: Drive on the LE-243 or the CV 80/10 to the village of Posada de Valdeón. From its west end - close to the kilometer post 14 of the CV 80/10 - branches off a narrow sand road signposted to "Ruta de la Vega de Llos, PR-PNPE-12". The route begins here. (Roadmap)

Distance: 3h26min/13.8km

The sand road (925 m) narrows into a track leading to the village of Soto de Valdeón (10min) (940 m). Continue along a narrow asphalt road straight ahead to the village of Caldevilla (22min) (975 m). In a minute, you encounter a sign for "Vega de Llos" at the beginning of a track. Follow this sign, and do not go over the bridge on your left.

The track snakes its way through a forest. After a gate, the track forks (34min) (1015 m). Go right uphill. Higher up the trees give way to splendid mountain views. In front rises the gray rock wall of the Picos de Europa sheltering the Plain of Llos, where you are heading to.

Ignore a track leading to the fields on your right (53min) (1120 m). After passing the herdsman's hut of Argolla (1h02min) (1170 m) the track bends right by the sign for "Vega de Llos". At the next fork (1h10min) (1235 m) a white-yellow waymark and an arrow guide you to the right in a forest. You come to a T-junction (1h15min) (1265 m), where you go right.

In the Pass of Bustiello (1h23min) (1340 m) you encounter a fountain and signposts. Continue straight ahead following the sign for "Vega de Llos". Later you return to this place.

The steep track opens up a fine view over the valley of Valdeón and to the central and western massifs of the Picos de Europa (1h30min) (1390 m). Once you have climbed above the forest, the rolling plain of Llos spreads out in front of you (1h50min) (1540 m). At the upper end of the plain you find a fountain (1h55min) (1580 m) and on its left skirt a stone cottage leaning on a boulder. Surrounded by Los Moledizos and Torre Bermeja, the grassy plain is a popular grazing ground for deers.

Return back to Bustiello (2h25min) and follow the sign for Soto de Valdeón to the left. Walking along the wide and grassy path, you can admire the contrast of green slopes and gray peaks. Later you enter an oak forest, where you ignore the paths joining in from right behind. Further down, the path is lined by ferns. The towering peaks of Picos rise in front of you.

Caldevilla is the first village turning up in the valley of Valdeón. The path stays at the upper part of the slope passing Caldevilla, before it descends to the Soto de Valdeón (3h15min). Turn right and descend to the familiar road (3h16min), which you follow to the left, back to Posada de Valdeón (3h26min).

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