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Canal del Embudo

Fuente De - Canal del Embudo - Collado de Liordes - Vega de Liordes - Alto de la Canal - Canal de Pedabejo - Alto de Ramoņa - Invernales de Berrugas - Fuente De





Map for the route (ED50)


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How to get there: Drive on the CA-185, between Potes and Fuente De, to Fuente De, where you find a large parking place by the information post. Do not continue to the end of the road, although you find there a sign for "Vega de Liordes" and an information panel on the route. That is your return route. (Roadmap)

Distance: 5t07min/13km

From the east end of the parking place (1080 m) you find an iron gate with a white-yellow waymark. Go through the gate and walk cross the meadow, gently uphill to the left until you encounter a fountain, a white-yellow waymark and a path with a sign for "Vega de Liordes, PR-PNPE-25" (4min) (1110).

The path zigzags uphill along the slope of the Monte Querres. Be careful that you take later the path branching off left (20min) (1215 m). Straight after the bend you see a sign for the "Tornos de Liordes". Zigzaging the wall of the Canal de Embudo, the stony path becomes steeper and steeper.

Behind you, spreads out the valley of Fuente De bordered by the Peņa Cascajal.  Once you reach the Pass of Liordes (2h05min) (1960 m) the path takes you gently downhill between large boulders. In early summer you spot a tiny lagoon on your left (2h08min) (1940 m). By the lagoon you enjoy a lovely view to the plain of Liordes, where you are heading to. Follow the white-yellow waymarks downhill, and fork off left, when you see a text "CABEN" painted on a stone and a white-yellow waymark (2h11min) (1925 m). At the next fork (2h14min) (1910 m), go right. First you follow the left skirt of the valley. lined by  Crystalline brooks vein the bright green grassland dotted with colourful flowers. Later you cross the grassy field to the cottage you can see in front (2h35min) (1880 m).

By the corner of the cottage you find a clear path with white-yellow waymarks leading uphill towards the Alto de la Canal. Among the various rock formations lining the path, the most spectacular is the Tower of Regaliz (Torre de la Regaliz). At the Alto de la Canal (2h57min) (2035 m), you can climb to the rocks on your left to admire the views to Picos de Europa.

From here starts the descent, which becomes very steep in the Canal de Pedabejo. Sheer rock walls line the route on your left. When the path forks (3h01min) (2015 m), follow the white-yellow waymarks to the left. The path with loose stones is difficult.

After you have negotiated your way through the steep part, the path forks (3h30min) (1800 m). Do not follow the white-yellow waymark uphill to the right, but go downhill through the pasture following the piles of stones. You encounter another path (3h42min) (1690 m) before you reach the cottage, which you see in front. Turn left and follow the withe-yellow waymarks. In a minute you pass a fountain, and continue along the path. Soon after crossing a fence (3h47min) (1630 m), you see a white-yellow waymark on your right, a couple of meters downhill from the path (3h50min) (1610 m). At this point, be careful not to continue along the path uphill, but to follow the waymarks downhill along a grassy field towards a track that you discern in front. When you encounter a wooden pole with a white-yellow waymark (4h) (1575 m), continue straight ahead to the track, where you find signposts (4h03min) (1550 m). Turn left downhill.

After passing a fountain, you have a lovely view over the villages of Espinama and Pido before the track dives into a beautiful beech and oak forest (4h23min) (1410 m). When the winding track forks (4h33min) (1330 m), go left downhill, ignoring the sign for the "Majada de Bustantivo" pointing to the right.

By the cottages of Berrugas (4h46min) (1210 m), the track forks again. Keep left ignoring the sign pointing to the right for Pido.

After passing the fountain of Fonfria (4h51min) you come to the CA-185 (5h02min) (1110 m). Turn left and return to the parking place (5h07min).

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