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Walking route to the valley of Orandi

Covadonga - Vega de Orandi - Cueñe Les Porciles - Cabañas de Bastañar - Covadonga





Map for the route (ED50)


GPS waypoints for download (WGS84, gpx)

How to get there: Drive on the AS-262 to Covadonga. At the entrance, guarded by two marble lions on both sides of the bridge, you see a walking route sign for "Ruta de Orandi PR-PNPE-6 Ruta Reconquista GR-202". The route starts here. (Roadmap)

Distance: 2h53min/8.3km

Take the cobbled road by the sign (230 m). In a minute you encounter a sign for "Orandi", and branch off right on a path. You follow the white-yellow waymarks along the slope of Auseva to the clearing of Colladin de Orandi (40min) (535 m). From there the path descends to the valley of Vega de Orandi (46min) (520 m). On your right you find the Orandi cave with hollows, into which the waters of the river Les Mestes flow.

Cross the grassy field towards a wooden pole on its opposite side keeping all the time on the left side of the river. The path starts to skirt the left side of the valley. At the end of the valley (54min) (535 m), a waymark guides you to climb stone steps over a fence. In Les Mestes, you pass a bridge (1h05min) (565 m), staying on the path that runs on the left bank of the river. In some places, it is almost invisible, but if you keep an eye on the waymarks, the route is not difficult to follow. Soon after Les Mesets, a waymark guides you to the left, on a grassy slope. Climb along the slope to the top of El Pandal (1h17min) (635 m), and bend left still gently uphill towards two wooden poles, which you can discern in distance. By the poles, you find an information panel "Las Llacerias, Moferos, PR-PNPE-6" (1h23min) (675 m). At this point, the Ruta Reconquista parts from the PR-PNPE-6. Be careful, that you do not continue along the grassy slope to the right, but go to the route PR-PNPE-6.

The path ascends to the top of Cueñe Les Porciles (1h32min) (710 m), where you enjoy views to Picos de Europa and Sierra la Estaca with the Cross of Priena. Looking northwest, you see the rolling Sierra Raíz.

Sloping gently downhill, the path reveals the Vega de Orandi left below. When you reach a fork (1h40min) (700 m), go left. Descending towards the valley of Güesera, you discern on its opposite side the road leading to the Lakes of Covadonga.

After passing the signpost of "Moferos" (1h50min) (630 m), you come to the cottages off Las Llaceries, where you fork off left to a track (1h54min) (620 m). In a minute, you turn right downhill. You go by the cottages of Bastañar (2h07min) (550 m), and continue along the track to the CO-4 (2h18min) (490 m). Turn left downhill. This narrow and curved road has a lot of traffic, so be careful.

You pass the Canónigos lookout spot (2h32min) (390 m), revealing the basilica of Covadonga. Later you take a narrow road to the left (2h47min) (280 m), and descend pass the grave yard towards the basilica, back to the beginning of the route (2h53min).

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