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Autumn tints of Vega Pandiella

Las Arenas - Invernales de Vanu - Invernales de Jornielles - Poo - Las Arenas





Map for the route (ED50)


GPS waypoints for download (WGS84, gpx)

How to get there: Driving on the AS-114 to Las Arenas turn on the AS-264 signposted to Poncebos, Bulnes etc. After crossing the bridge over the river Casaño, some 200 metres from the junction, you find a large parking place on your left. (Roadmap)

Distance: 2h20min/9.1km

Walk from the parking place (135 m) along the AS-264 some 200 metres to the bridge over the river Cares (3min) (140 m). On the right side of the road you see an information panel with the text "A las Invernales de Vanu" and "Antique Pueblo de Muniama". Take the track by the panel into the forest of oak and beech. The gently ascending track opens up a view to the Picos of Europa at the end of the gorge of Cares. Among the great peaks you recognise the Naranjo de Bulnes. Ignore the Muniama track joining in from the right (30min) (340 m).

The track ends by the cottages of Golpellosa (40min) (400 m) surrounded by green meadows and slopes. You pass the cottages and come to a narrow asphalt road. Turn left uphill. Soon you enjoy fine views down over the valley with Sierra del Cuera on the background. After passing a cottage (44min) (430 m) the asphalt road turns into a track lined by oaks and the cottages of Nava. When you come to a crossroads (49min) (470 m), continue straight ahead through the forest.

The track leads through a beautiful forest to a junction (59min) (520 m), where you turn right. Almost at once you pass a fountain on your left. Further down you discern the town of Las Arenas in the middle of green pastures. The track snakes its way to the cottages of Jornielles (1h17min) (410 m). By the cottage of Juan Garcia (1h26min) (345 m) you fork right downhill. Keep on the main track ignoring all side tracks.

On your left you see the village of Poo in the valley. At the next fork (1h46min) (225 m), go left. The track bends sharp right and descends to Poo (1h54min) (165 m). Continue to the right, through the village along the main street which leads to the shore of the river Casaño. Do not cross the river, but keep following the track between the river and the village. It takes you over a bridge to the AS-114 (2h02min) (155 m). Turn right. When you come to the familiar junction (2h17min) (145 m), turn right on the AS-246 and return to the parking place (2h20min).

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