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Trekking route to Vegabaño

Soto de Sajambre - Refugio de Vegabaño - Mirador de Porros - Soto de Sajambre





Map for the route (ED50)


GPS waypoints for download (WGS84, gpx)

How to get there: Drive on the N-625 to the north side of Oseja de Sajambre, and turn on a narrow asphalt road signposted to Soto de Sajambre. After 4 km you arrive in Soto de Sajambre. (Roadmap)

Distance: 2h27min/13.5km

Follow first the white-red waymarks and then the white-yellow waymarks through the village to a walking route sign for "Vegabaño PR-PNPE-9 El Frade". The route begings here (925 m).

Almost immediately you pass a washing house and fountain on your left. The track ascends through meadows towards the mountain of Beza. Looking behind you see the peaks of Sierra de Rumiadas.

You go by a couple of stone cottages before entering a beech forest. Later a white-yellow waymark guides you by a large meadow uphill to the right (20min) (1080 m). Right after the bend, keep left, ignoring a track branching off right. Stay on the track snaking its way in the forest, without paying attention to the side paths. Between the beech trees you see Sierra de Rumiadas on your right. After passing a cottage (33min) (1170 m) you come to a junction (43min) (1250 m), where you follow the sign for Vegabaño to the left.

The track goes through a gate (48min) (1275 m) to the vast plain of Vegabaño (57min) (1320 m), where you find the signpost of "Majada de Vegabaño" and a sign for "Refugio de Vegabaño". Follow the right skirt of the grassy plain to the cottage of Vegabaño (1h01min) (1330 m). From the plain you enjoy splendid views to the mountains Picos de Europa and Sierra de Beza. In the south, the plain is bordereb by Pico Neón.

This beautiful place is worth exploring more carefully by taking the grassy track left from the signpost Majada de Vegabaño. It leads to a woodland with giant trees. In five minutes, you reach a lovely clearing surrounded by beech trees.

From the Vegabaño, you return to the familiar junction (1h10min) (1250 m). This time you keep left and continue straight ahead. The track descends to the sign for "Mirador de Porros" (1h43min) (1140 m). Follow it left and take left immediately. From the lookout point (1h44min) (1140 m) opens up a view over the valley of Sajambre to the mountain of Pica Ten, rising on the background of Oseja de Sajambre. Looking east you see Pico Neón. Sierra de Rumiadas lines the valley in the west.

Return to the track and continue forward. Further down, the peaks of Cerezaledo and Beza turn up above the tree tops. The track descends to the upper part of the village (2h25min) (940 m) and continues to the washing house (2h27min).

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