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Sendero de la Piedra Negra

Sendero de la Piedra Negra





Map for the route (ED50)


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How to get there: Drive on the AL-5403 to Abruchena and turn right somewhat higher up following the sign for "La Roza Alojamientos Rurales". Some 400 meters further keep right towards "La Roza". After 300 meters you see a sign "Area Recreativa". When you reach a T-junction, some 200 meters further up, turn left. Continue uphill and bear left. 8.7 km from the T-junction you reach the recreation area. Continue straight ahead some 700 meters on the asphalt road. When the asphalt ends, turn right and follow the sand road some 5.8 km until you find a group of wooden signs on the left hand side of the road. (Roadmap)

Distance: 3h10min/11.5km

Take the path that starts by the signs (1675 m). You ascend through a pine forest following the red-white waymarks to a track (19min) (1810 m). Turn left. Walking towards the mountains you come to a small clearing, where you find a path (30min) (1855 m). The path crosses a track (45min) (1960 m) opening up a view to Buitre. Descending gently you pass a "Parque Nacional" panel and reach a sand road by a waterfall (1h) (1900 m). Turn left and walk some 50 meters to a path that branches off left. 

The path crosses a creek and leads to a track (1h20min) (2005 m). Do not cross this track to the path with red-white waymarks that continues on the other side, but turn left on this track that goes beside a fire break. Looking behind you have a nice view over the valley where you see numerous windmills. In front rises the La Cumbre and Cerro del Almiréz. The track ends by the cottage of Piedra Negra (1h30min) (2055 m). The cottage has a fire place.

Turn back on the track and keep going downhill pass the path along which you came to the track. After a steep descent, the track bends right (1h44min) (1905 m). Ignore a track that later joins in from left behind and continue straight ahead (2h) (1905 m). The track turns into a road. Looking down from the cliffs you see Fiñana in the valley. On the background rises Sierra de Baza. You pass the place by the waterfall where you descended along the path to the road (2h10min) and keep ahead, back to the beginning of the route (3h10min).

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