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Refugio de Pineta





Map for the route (ED50)


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How to get there: Drive on the A-138 to Bielsa and turn between the kilometer posts K80 and K81 on a narrow asphalt road signposted to "Parador de Monte Perdido" and "Valle de Pineta". Continue 4.8 km along this road number A-2611 until you see a small sign for "Campo Municipal". Turn left and drive 200 meters along this sandroad over a bridge. By the signposts you find parking place. (Roadmap)

Distance: 3h25min/15km

Follow the sign for "Refugio de Pineta" to the right (1155 m) and keep right in a fork met almost immediately. This route is well marked by white-yellow waymarks and information panels on flora and fauna. By the football field (Campo Municipal) the waymarks guide you to the left round the field (7min) (1160 m). When you meet another track (10min) (1155 m), turn left and keep left at the following forks.

After going round a bar that closes the track from traffic (21min) (1180 m) you see small villages on the slopes. The river Cinca flows on your right. In October, the leafy forest covering the rocky slopes is very colourful.

When the track forks and you notice a white-yellow cross in front of you (1h) (1220 m), the route continues downhill to the right. If you want to see the semicircular rock walls of Pico de Pineta and Pic Blanc closing the valley and the valley itself from a higher point keep left and ascend to the end of the track. The climb takes some 20 minutes. After marveling the views, return back to the fork. 

The track to the right crosses a riverbed and comes to a group of signs (1h02min) (1215 m). Follow the sign for "Refugio de Pineta" to the right on a path. You come to a track (1h04min) (1215 m) and turn left. Later the waymarks guide you to the right on a path (1h08min) (1220 m). The path follows the right side of the riverbed and turns into a track. Again the waymarks lead you right on a path (1h28min) (1240 m).

Soon you discern a waterfall on your right and the waymarks guide you to the riverbed (1h32min) (1240 m). Walking along the stony bed keep an eye on its right bank, where you notice a waymark in the beginning of an ascending path (1h40min) (1240 m). When you reach the A-2611 (1h43min) (1255 m), turn left and walk some 120 meters until a narrow asphalt road branches off left (1h46min) (1255 m). The road descends to the cottage of Pineta (1h47min) (1245 m).

Return the same way or along the A-2611 back to the beginning of the route (3h25min).

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