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Circuit of Polop

Polop - Casa del Dios - Collado del Llam - Zacarets - Collado del Salt - Casa del Dios - Polop





Map for the route (ED50)


GPS waypoints for download (WGS84, gpx)

How to get there: Drive on the CV 70 to Polop from La Nucia. At the roundabout on the northern side of Polop, turn left uphill, continue some 400 meters and fork left. Park at the Bar Kiosco en Sueño on your left. (Roadmap of Marina Baixa)

Distance: 6h15min/22.6 km

Start out by turning on "Cami del Bovalar" by the "Bar Kiosco en Sueño" (240m). This narrow asphalt road with white-yellow waymarks bends right (2 min) facing the Monte Ponoch and meets a wide asphalt road (10min) (270 m). Cross it and continue left on a narrow road. It bends right and turns into a sand road (26 min) (330 m) that starts to follow the gorge of Gulapdar. When you reach a small clearing with signs, turn left uphill for Cami de Guard Dar and Cami de L'Almasere (30 min) (350 m). Monte Ponoch rises on your left. 

On your way to Casa del Dios ignore all tracks and paths that fork from the main road.

Casa del Dios (1h10min) (645 m) is a blue building with a name plate on it. By the house you find a number of signs including "Polop Circular por el Salt, 20.750 km". Turn left to this signposted road. From Casa del Dios you have a lovely view over the bay of Altea.

The road narrows into a track and forks by a small house standing on the left hand side of the track (1h18min) (695 m). Go right uphill. The track turns into a path.

In Collado del Llam (1h50min) (895m), you find again a sign for "Polop Circular por el Salt". Follow it to the right. Some 15 meters higher up, on your left, you see a cave, which is a good place to take a break.

When the path forks, keep left (1h57min). It leads down and turns into a track (2h02min) (855 m). On your left, you see Monte Castellet, a semicircular wall crowned by jagged teeth.

In Caserio de Zacarets (2h28min) (730 m) you can get water and rest under a huge pine tree. Bending left down on the track, you see signs. Go right to "Polop por el Salt" towards Alto de la Peña Sella. Follow this main track in a beautiful mountain landscape ignoring all forking tracks until you meet another track with a sign "Polop". Turn on this track uphill to the right (2h51min) (675m).

You see a sign "Gujialoka" on the right side of the track (2h59min). From here on, a number of tracks and paths part to the buildings and groves of the Buddist monastry. Keep on the main track until you meet a big building with a sign "Massia del Papachi" (3h40min) (865 m). Walk straight ahead leaving the house to the right. Now you have a view to the rockwalls of Sanxet. When the track forks again (3h44min), go right, and almost immediately after that take the lower track on the left that slopes down. By a ruined building, the track turns into a path (3h53min) (830m). 

The path runs by the house and starts zigzaging steeply downwards. Later it snakes its way down more gently.  Then it climbs gently to massive perpendicular walls that rise orange, black and white high above you. For a while the route goes close to these walls, before it starts descending again. Looking up you probably discover goats looking down on you from the cliffs. If the weather is rainly, the clouds sweep down along the rockwalks hiding the top of the rockwall. 

When you see ruins of a small house on your right, take a path that goes downhill towards the ruins (4h39min) (710 m).

This path leads through bushes to a house where it meets a track (4h51min) (640 m). Turn left. When the track forks (4h57min) (600 m), keep going straight ahead, not downhill to the left.

By Casa del Dios (5h13min), turn downhill to the left and descend back to the bar (6h15min).

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