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Pórtugos - Molino del Sol - Río Bérmejo - Tajo de Cortés - Las Grajillas - Pórtugos





Map for the route (ED50)


GPS waypoints for download (WGS84, gpx)

How to get there: Drive on the A-4132 to Pórtugos. Turn to the town center following the sign for Centro Ciudad. Drive uphill some hundred meters to the town hall located in a square called Plaza Nueva. Leave your car here. (Roadmap)

Distance: 2h33min/6.5km

Start walking on the street (1305 m) westwards staying in the same altitude. About fifty metres further you find a church (Iglesia de la Encarnacion). Continue on the Calle Abulaguillas that bends right until you meet the Calle Rosario. Follow this street to the left. It takes you to the western end of the town where you find a fountain and a cross (9min) (1310 m). The street ends here.

Following a sand road you soon come to a fork with a sign for Junta de los Ríos. Go right and keep right also at the next fork (13min) (1325 m). At the third fork (16min) (1355 m), go left.

When you meet a water canal and a signpost to Molino del Sol (24min) (1405 m), fork off left on a path. The path passes some gardens on your left and come to a fork (28min) (1410 m). Go right ascending to the ruins of the mill. From the mill take the path uphill. You are accompanied by a water canal that leads to a waterfall (38min) (1440 m). By the waterfall bend left uphill on a steep and narrow path that comes to a track (50min) (1490 m). Turn right. A couple of meters further you find another track. Turn right again. The track peters out into a path that ascends steeply to a sand road (1h30min) (1750 m). Turn right.

You reach a bridge over the Bermejo river (1h37min) (1750 m). Look down to the deep gorge where you might see canyoners wading the river. Continue on the road downhill. After bending right you meet a sign "Portugos". Keep right and descend to the recreation area (1h45min) (1715 m), where you find tables, a fountain and a fire place. Descend to the the foot of a waterfall where you might meet more canyoners, who emerge from the splashes of a waterfall. You can watch them roping down the sheer wall by performing a series of short backward leaps.

Continue from the recreation area on the sand road downhill. In a couple of minutes a path branches off right (1h48min) (1700 m). Descend on this path through an oak forest back to the sand road (2h12min) (1460 m). Cross this road to a track marked by an arrow. Soon another path forks off right (2h14min) (1445 m). You come to a junction (2h16min) (1420 m). Take the track downhill to the left. At the next junction (2h18min) (1410 m), turn left on a narrow sand road. Walk some ten meters and fork off right on a path lined by large trees.  Further down a water canal starts to follow the route. The path crosses the canal (2h20min) (1405 m), but keeps following it. Do not go on a track, but stay on the path. When you encounter signs pointing left for Piedra Ventana and La Loma (2h28min) (1345 m), ignore them, and go straight ahead towards the villige you can see in front of you. You reach the village in a couple of minutes. Continue on the street that takes you directly to the Plaza Nueva (2h33min).

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