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Peñon de Viznar

Centro de Visitantes Puerto Lobo - Peñon de Viznar - Centro de Visitantes Puerto Lobo





Map for the route (ED50)


How to get there: Driving on the A-92 take the exit number 250 (Viznar). Continue less than 1 km towards Viznar and turn left towards Alfacar. You reach a roundabout about 50 meters after the junction. Continue straight ahead for less than 1 km and turn left uphill. After some 200 meters, by a fountain, turn right to Avenida Murcia, which turns somewhat later into GR-3101. Follow the signs for  "Centro de Visitantes Puerto Lobo" which guide you to the left after 1.2 km and to the right less than 500 meters thereafter. You reach a parking place less than 50 meters before the tourist center. (Roadmap)

Distance: 1h50min/5.7 km

Return from the parking place (1260 m) to the signpost with the text "Area recreativa La Alfaguara 5 km" (2min) (1265 m) and continue along the sand road towards Alfaguara. Ignore all side roads, paths and waymarks until you find a wooden pole with white arrows pointing to two directions, and a path forking off left  by the pole (32min) (1310 m). Take this path that follows a gorge gently uphill.

When you reach the crest (53min) (1485 m) follow the sign "Peñon de Viznar" to the left. You see a cross on top of the cliff.  From the top you enjoy nice views over the valley of Granada with a number of towns and villages (Alfacar, Pulianas, Huétor Santillán, Beas de Granada etc.).

Return to the signs and continue downhill towards "Puerto Lobo". The path descends through a pine forest on a sand road by a recreation area (1h33min) (1200 m). Turn right, and a couple of meters further, turn left on an asphalt road. When the road bends sharp right, continue straight ahead upwards on a narrower asphalt road and turn left (1h40min). From now on, keep right and return to the parking place (1h48min).

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