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Puerto de la Ragua - Chullo - Laguna Seca - Fuente de las Aguilas - Puerto de la Ragua





Map for the route (ED50)


GPS waypoints for download (WGS84, gpx)

How to get there: Driving on the A-92 take the exit 312 to Calahorra and Puerto de la Ragua. Continue on the A-337 some 17 kilometres to Puerto de la Ragua. You find parking places by the buildings and information panels. (Roadmap)

Distance: 5h16min/16km

In Puerto de la Ragua (2040 m) you find a number of signposts. Start climbing uphill on a steep path with a sign "Subido al Chullo". Soon after reaching the top of the hill (10min) (2100 m), the path forks (12min) (2105 m). Go right. At the next fork, go left (14min) (2100 m). At the third fork, you find a white-red waymark to both directions (19min) (2125 m). Bear left. Ignore a narrow path that branches off left (22min), and keep right. Looking ahead you see the route which goes all the way to the top of Chullo. 

When the first steep part of the climb easies up (30min) (2205 m), look behind to enjoy the views to a vast plain with fields and villages. In some ten minutes the path gets steep again. After passing a stone cottage (1h17min) (2520 m), you can see the summit less than hundred meters higher up.

From the summit (1h40min) (2610 m), continue along the ridge of Chullo. On both sides you have a panorama of mountain landscape and on your right you can discern a lake. Probably you meet large flocks of sheep and goat. The path is a bit difficult to follow, but if you keep an eye on the postes with plates on top of them which have been set up along the ridge you will stay on the right path. When the path bends left (2h10min) (2505 m) you see the Laguna Seca (Dry Lagoon) below in front of you. Descend towards it. In summer time the lagoon is only a bright green circle where the shepherds like to graze their flocks of sheep.

Do not descend all the way into the bed of the lagoon, but take the track on its left hand side (2h40min) (2295 m) and follow it to the left on top of the hill with a lovely view over the valley. On the hill you find a path branching off left. This path descends gently crossing five gorges with running water even in hot summer days. The streams that run along the gorges form bright green stripes dodded with myriads of flowers. On your right you can see the town of Calahorra.

When the path forks (3h16min) (2260 m), keep left uphill. Soon the path almost disappears. Do not go towards the cottage that you see downhill on your right, but keep heading towards the ridge that you see in front of you. You cross a stream before reaching the ridge (3h40min) (2245 m). On the ridge bend right. You descend along the ridge to the backyard of the cottage (3h45min) (2210 m) where you find a track. Follow the track downhill to the left.

The track curves right to a pine forest (3h52min) (2165 m). When it forks (3h55min) (2155 m), go left downhill. You meet another track with a white-red waymark (3h59min) (2135 m). Turn left. You come to a fork with white-red waymarks to both directions (4h07min) (2155 m). Go left. The track peters out into a path and then turns into a track again. You cross four streams and meet a wider track (4h45min) (2150 m). Do not bend right downhill, but cross this track on a path.

The path snakes its way through a shady pine forest and reaches a track (5h) (2130 m). Turn right. Ignore all tracks and paths branching off left and return to Puerto de la Ragua (5h16min).

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