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Sendero Morrón del Mediodia

Puerto de la Ragua - Morrón del Hornillo - Morrón Sanjuanero - Morrón del Mediodia - Cortijo de las Chorreras - Puerto de la Ragua





Map for the route (ED50)


GPS waypoints for download (WGS84, gpx)

How to get there: Driving on the A-92 take the exit 312 to Calahorra and Puerto de la Ragua. Continue on the A-337 some 17 kilometres to Puerto de la Ragua. You find parking places by the buildings and information panels. (Roadmap)

Distance: 6h23min/19km

Cross the A-337 and bend left to the edge of the pine forest (2040 m). Although you do not find any track or path, you can see that people have been walking up the slope. After climbing some five minutes, you find a path. When the pine forest and the path end, continue uphill. The slope is easy to walk and you find here and there concrete poles waymarking the route to Morrón del Hornillo. Looking behind you see the cottage of Puerto de la Ragua down below. When you reach the crest follow it to the right. At the highest point of Morrón del Hornillo you encounter a clear path and a concrete pole (1h) (2375 m).

Continue on this path towards the peak of the Morrón Sanjuanero. First you descend into a small depression and follow then the concrete poles to the top of Sanjuanero (1h35min) (2610 m). The Chullo and Morrón del Mediodia dominate the mountain views. Looking over the valley to the north, you see the nature park of Sierra de Baza.

Follow the crest to the right gently downwards. A narrow path runs along it and the terrain is very easy to walk. You lose some 50 meters of altitude (1h50min) before the ascent to the Morrón del Mediodia begins. Again the route is waymarked with concrete poles. From the top of Mediodia (2h22min) (2755 m) you enjoy magnificent views to the snowy peaks of Mulhacén and Veleta. Looking right, obliquely forward, you discern a track which is your return route. In the valley you see the villages of Aldeire and La Calahorra with its tall castle.

Start descending along the slope lined by beautiful rock formations. You pass a gorge that leads down to the left (3h08min) (2425 m). On the opposite slope of this gorge you see a beautiful path ascending from Valor. Ignore it and continue along the crest gently downwards. You cross a creek (3h33min) (2345 m) and right after that another creek. For a while the path runs on a mossy ground and bends then to the right following the sheer slopes of a gorge. When the slope becomes much more gentle and you see a wide fire break on the opposite slope (3h50min) (2265 m), start descending along the slope that has no path but is very easy and quick to walk. Make it directly towards the fire break. 

When you reach it, you find a track with white-red waymarks (4h03min) (2095 m). Turn right and follow this charming track lined by snowtopped peaks. You cross a couple of creeks before the track starts to skirt a pine forest (4h13min) (2045 m). In spring, water flows along the right hand side of the track. Probably you meet cows before passing cowsheds on your left. Some ten minutes after crossing another creek, a path with a white-red waymark forks off right (4h42min) (1970 m).

Follow this path cross three gorges and pass a fine rock formation to the Cortijo de las Chorreras (4h57min) (1940 m) where you find a stone cottage and a number of signs. Continue straight ahead on the path towards Puerto de la Ragua. Again you cross a couple of creeks and pass a waterfall pouring down from the slopes on your right. The gently ascending route starts to follow the edge of an old forest, crosses a gorge (5h20min) (2015 m) and dives into the forest. From now on the path winds its way steeply uphill. When the forest ends, a fine mountain view opens up to the northern tops of Sierra Nevada (5h28min) (2065 m).

When you meet a track (5h44min) (2160 m), turn right uphill. Some five minutes later a waymark guides you on a path that branches off left (5h49min) (2200 m). This path keeps ascending gently for a while before starting its descent into the gorge on your right. When you reach the bed of the gorge, it bends left and leads to a track (6h14min) (2095 m). Turn left and walk back to the cottage of Puerto de la Ragua (6h23min).

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