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Quatretonda - Molló - Cava de la Falaguera - Caseta del Tio Honorio - Quatretonda





Map for the route (ED50)


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How to get there: How to get there: Drive on CV-610 to Quatretonda and turn north to Carrer Cami Serra. When the street ends, continue straight on to the Cami Serra road, and drive 1.1 km until you come to an information board. (Roadmap of Vall d'Albaida)

Distance: 4h40min/17km

Start at the information board (245 m) by taking the left hand road uphill. Turn right to a concrete road (1min) (260 m), and when this road forks (2min) (270 m), go right again. Soon you see a gate in front of you. By the gate (4min) (280 m), fork right to a path with a white-yellow waymark.

The path takes you to a track (8min) (315 m), which you cross and descend in the gorge of Povet (Barranco del Povet). After corssing the gorge, the path starts ascending to Molló. Keep left following the white yellow waymarks. When you reach the Molló plain (28min) (390 m), a landscape of shrub and bush in all shades of green opens up around you. Behind you can see Quatretonda in the valley. Keep on the well beaten path ignoring all narrower side paths.

The path passes ruins of a house (50min) (410 m), descends to a pine forest, and comes to a fork (1h06min) (345 m). Go right. When you come to a track (1h13min) (325 m), turn right again. At the next junction (1h25min) (300 m), turn left.

The track passes a recreation area with the House of Gabriel and comes to a signpost (1h40min) (270 m) pointing to the Falaguera Cave. Take this path on the right side of the track. When you meet a track (1h45min) (300 m), turn right. By the sign of Cava de la Falaguera (2h20min) (425 m), you find a path that goes to the Cava. If you enter it, you get your feet wet and need a torch.

After visiting the Cava, continue on the track, which goes first uphill and then downhill to signposts (2h30min) (445 m). Do not go left for Pinet, but take the path to the ruins of a house (Caseta del Tio Honorio), which you see on the right. By the house, the path ascends to a hill and bends right. The path gains altitude little by little, and, in some twenty minutes, opens up a nice view over the valley and Pinet on your left. The path is mostly over bedrock.

When you come to a fork (2h55min) (540 m), do not take the left fork uphill with a white-green waymark and a white-yellow cross, but bend right. The path leads through a plain and passes ruins of a house (3h02min) (525 m). Soon after that, the path starts descending to the valley that you see in front of you. The path ends by a house (4h) (380 m) where it bends left to a concrete road lined by orchades. Ignore the white-yellow waymark which would lead you right uphill (4h13min) (355 m), and, instead, follow the road straight on. If you go by the white-yellow waymark, you end up in a private property. Follow the road which goes through fruit plantations to the information board where you started the route (4h40min).

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